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From the link that Huw posted: Social and affordable housing Affordable housing is social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market. Eligibility is determined with regard to local incomes and local house prices. From April 2012 affordable housing is defined in the National Planning Policy Framework ...

8 hours ago

I am beginning to lose track of the number of times I have put on various threads on this website what is meant by affordable housing. But I'll do it again 1. Rented affordable housing - rents up to 80% of market rates 2. Affordable housing to buy - quite a few different schemes come under this heading including, for example, shared ownership. Those seeking affordable housing have to be ...

9 hours ago


today at 11:22

Just come back from Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain. Marbellla is a really lovely place to live just like Dawlish the big difference being their local authority wont build me an Affordable House to live in so guess ill have to keep working to earn some money before I move there. Oh no that wont work because I forgot there are no jobs in Dawlish. This means that all the new residents of 106 ...

yesterday at 23:21

@OurSoul Repeating the question previously asked and relevant to the point being made. How many LOCAL people are in need and can afford an Affordable house on Shutterton Park. Is it 32 ??????

yesterday at 12:01

I think that it had been confirmed that the SANGS provision had to be in place before the first home was occupied? Not when the first sod was cut. I find it utterly despicable, though totally typical of him, that FredBassett believes that the only people who need affordable homes are problem families or hardworking legal immigrants.  Plenty of people who don't have derogatory labels ...

yesterday at 10:08

Sara Street Yandle Yard Blackforest Boulevard Channel Island Close Guernsey Grove Appeal Avenue

yesterday at 09:30

Seems to me that the planning dept at TDC are once again turning a blind eye to the activities of major developments companies. Will be requesting information form them this afternoon regarding the provision of SANGS for this particular development, and why they are not questioning the start of work before this situation is resolved. First street names could be Poland Close or Problemfamily ...

yesterday at 08:29

'the provision and management of an off-site habitat for a Cirl bunting breeding habitat ' This is taken from the text on the compensation the builders are going to payout for buiding. Does this mean that their will be signs put up so the birds know where to go !

Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
2 days ago

Was at Sainsbury's this afternoon and the first digger is in the field! I noted the Councillors on the newly formed planning committee and it does give me hope that planning meetings will have a much better attendance record compared to the last four years and that decisions will be based on planning criteria and not on personal preference. Hopefully there will be less emphasis and focus on ...

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