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Organisers of the Dawlish Celebrates Carnival have arranged for the Rampage Mas Band to take part in the procession on Friday, August 19. The parade will be part of a week of fun arranged to ensure the town has something to celebrate after Dawlish Carnival Committee announced it was unable to run the event his year. Read more... ...

https://www.facebook.com/DawlishDeservesBetter/?pnref=story "On Friday 27th May 2016, Dawlish town councillors were invited to attend a presentation from the Teignbridge District Council planning department: Simon Thornley, Alex Lessware, Phil Shears, and team. They explained the options for accelerating the building of the Link Road, that we are demanding, that they had explored. Three ...

I've never requested a FOI, but I would request one in relation to the Big Weekend. Elected bodies that do deals behind closed doors and do not consult those they represent and use public money unwisely should be held to account. It's a question of transparency and democracy. Lots of people are unhappy with TDC and many in DTC over Powderham, Housing, Sewage, etc. I doubt they're all concerned ...

2 days ago

I'm so pleased for all concerned that it appears to be going really well at Powderham, I wasn't interested in going and have had an equally lovely time in and around Dawlish on a lovely day(still wondering when Pirates Chest or whatever it is called on the seafront is going to open though but that's another thread!!).  I'm just insensed fredBassett with a little pot and black going on, no doubt ...

I think £1400 must include the transformer type battery charger as well as the outside socket plus of course labour and VAT. Even with all that it still seems a bit steep. As Gary says the environmental issues with these types of cars are still to be evaluated. There  will obviously come a time when the batteries will need replaceing  which will undoubtably cost more than the cars worth and we are ...

Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
2 days ago

A good question Merlin228. I guess it depends on how it is considered such vehicles contribute (or otherwise) to the environment.

2 days ago

Just a casual query, on all new homes when being built should they now include an outside power point for electric/dual fuel cars to be plugged into as I have read that the average cost of having one of these installed is £1400 before any grant if available is given.

Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
3 days ago

Whether we leave the EU or not Fred, those green fields should form a part of a 'resilience' strategy to enable food to be grown closer to home. These fields are also a vital part of the distictive Dawlish rural landscape, drawing visitors and holiday makers to the area and underpinning our local tourist trade. Seasonal and relatively low paid the jobs provided may be, but other than ...

Police are becoming increasingly concerned for a man missing from Dawlish. Read more... https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/News/newsarticle.aspx?id=569015a2-b431-40b2-96a5-9a1a4ef4a668

Why would there need to be a discussion on something that has already been agreed between greedy developers and the backhand recievers at TDC. 1,000 homes for sure, new roads and other infrastructure no chance. How about creating 2 or 3 thousand jobs before building any more houses. After all the local need only amounts to around 250 and they would need to be of the affordable type which ...

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