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Walked past yesterday evening and the pavement was still blocked with the debri. Just waiting for the rest of it to come down on someones head!

A special pint of beer has been brewed to celebrate the re-opening on the Exeter to Pymouth line following the winter storms that breached the sea wall at Dawlish. The brew, Dawlish - on Track, which boasts a 5per cent ABV,- will be raised at Dawlish railway station on Saturday when real ale campaigners from across the region gather for the special celebration. Organised by the Exeter and ...

@Clive .  yes, agree.  it's obviously an issue with roof-mounted panels but solar arrays in fields could be arranged in a semi-circle to pick up more power evenly throughout the day.

yesterday at 17:23

Apparently one mistake solar panel planners make is to have most of them facing south.  Although intuitively this makes sense, they have found in Germany that it is better to have a mix of east, south and west facing panels to avoid a midday spike in the supply.

Haven't they applied for planning permission to turn it into residential premises?  No excuses though for neglecting the property.

yesterday at 15:51

I had only walked past the bakery the day before and noticed the 2 large cracks either side of the window of the upstairs flat. I'm sure Ryders have got enough dough to fix it though!

2 days ago

I presume it's that dump Ryders Bakery.  When I went past the other day there was still a pile of rubble on the pavement with the timber of the upstairs bay exposed.  Do we really have to put up with the shameful neglect of commercial property or does someone have to get crushed before we hear the much parroted 'lessons will be learned'.    Would be interested to know if Ryders could face any ...

Agreed - the Planners need independent expert advice because the the figures can be 'manipulated' or interpreted in so many ways.  For example, just based on personal experience ..... 1. our peak output is 4kw.  Pro-rataed over 71 acres that would equate to about 37Mw, not the 7.5 quoted, (assuming 50% spare space needed on the site).  That would imply about 1600+ homes (i.e. 324x37/7.5) 2.  ...

One hopes that Teignbridge Planners are well informed by independant consultants. As Planning Applicants and their agents often try to pull the wool over their eyes, and in turn the eyes of third parties.  Often 'pure fiction' is by deliberate omission. But does this figure have to be accurate?  I would have thought so, from what I understand the solar power industry is subsidized by the tax ...

3 days ago

The more homes the site is capable of supporting, the smoother the planning request will be, even if it's pure fiction. Does the planning dept have a chart/body who verifies these claims?  Governments have been doing stat's manipulation for decades to their advantage.

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