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The rock they refer to as the Clerk is actually Shag rock.  The Parosn & Clerk rock stack formation is further round the headland

More to it than that,  Ivan was provoked by a bully. culminating in the attack. Not excusing violence, but shouldn't judge until all facts are known. Ivan is a good man and this is devastating for him. Hope thevictimwill think twice before bullying anyone else.

Mrs C
Mrs C
2 days ago

That's hilarious! What a Great Tit!

Recently a local businessmen from Dawlish was contacted via telephone from a male claiming to be a High Court Sherriff who was waiting to go into court for an unpaid bill of £3k for advertising. The company was reported to be owed money for advertising his business over the internet.

A BIRD expert and wildlife officer for Natural England has been ordered to pay his neighbour £5,000 in compensation after beating him up for hiding his walking boots. Ivan Lakin, 45, attacked his neighbour Ian Robinson after the prank went wrong, Exeter Crown Court was told. Lakin confronted Mr Robinson after his muddy boots went missing from his doorstep. He repeatedly punched him in the ...

Didn't the Clerk lose his head about 8 years ago during a big storm?

1½ weeks ago

IT is one of the most famous rock formations on the south coast, but the Parson and the Clerk are not what they used to be. The vicar is still with us but his secretary, I fear, is not long for this world. The headland stacks off the coast of Dawlish were so named in the 1850s when the first visitors arrived on the newly-built Great Western railway line. This early engraving shows the Clerk as ...

Fire engines from Dawlish and Teignmouth, along with a specialist rescue crew from Clyst St George, were sent to a report of a woman unable to get out of muddy Radford Ford in Ashcombe Road at 10.53am. Read more... http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Elderly-woman-stuck-muddy-ford-Dawlish-rescued/story-26210163-detail/story.html#ixzz3V2DkDM00

A SCHIZOPHRENIC man has been ordered to receive psychiatric treatment in hospital after he shook a one-month old baby so hard the child suffered head injuries. The 20-year-old has a history of mental illness dating back to his teens and will now be treated at the Langdon Hospital in Dawlish under a Hospital Order. Read more... ...

The south-west Last year’s floods and infrastructure failings – notably the loss of railway tracks at Dawlish in Devon – highlighted the parlous state of the region’s transport links. Transport made up the bulk of the chancellor’s pledges, although most of the investment has been announced already. The £7bn figure unveiled on Wednesday covers road schemes, a few million pounds to ...

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