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Not critising the local fire brigade but have noticed recently that they never seem to manage to save much from these sort of fires. For instance this obviousely started as a small fire in a scrap car, and should have been fairly easy to contain. Do we have issues here with staffing levels, training, equipment or something else. Just concerned thats all

Well done to all those who took part and congratulations to the ones who won.

7 hours ago

Last weekend saw 40 junior Octopush players from Dawlish, aged 9 – 18, make the long trek to Leeds to contest the British Underwater Hockey Age Group Championships, they had a small army of parental support to facilitate.  The competition raged for nine gruelling hours on the Saturday as the round-robin stages became play-offs and, at last, finals.  Some of the matches against the very best of ...

I think you've made that point several times now, have you got any others?

yesterday at 21:04

I wonder if the local council will pick up the bill for this one should do if Rock pool cafe Dawlish is anything to go on I wonder

@Lynne - the 'let's look at the alternative/additional options' scenario I wonder, is the belief that it keeps SW MPs happy per see, or that it keeps the MPs happy because they in turn then believe that they are then empowered to pass on the charade to keep their constituents happy? I suspect that NR would genuinely love to have a hassle free shiny new line (why wouldn't they like ...

Firefighters have been battling all afternoon to stop a huge blaze at a car breakers in Devon from spreading. Smoke could be seen in Dawlish as fire crews were tackling the fire near the centre of the village of Woodbury in East Devon. See more... http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Firefighters-battle-contain-huge-blaze-seen/story-21664074-detail/story.html

And I completely understand the absolute necessity of Dawlish keeping its station.  Devon is littered with resorts that never recovered from losing their station, Ilfracombe being perhaps the best example.

1 week ago

p.s. @flo - i also entirely empathise with your 'commuters dilema'.

1 week ago

@flo thanks for flagging this up - there seems to be a lot of economy in the pace of the details being dribbled out!  how contentious can it be!!! At the risk of repeating myself from a number of similar strands: 1. The current 'path raising' at Sea Lawn is but very minor works compared with the not unexpected £400m cost, or whatever, to properly tame the waves once and for all at Dawlish.  ...

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