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Pity we don't have a PR voting system. That might have helped.

yesterday at 17:50

This is a strange state of affairs, as I am not intending to vote Conservative.  However, I believe in fair treatment, so will share the following information I've just read on AMM's website "As you know, Parliament has now dissolved and there are no MPs until the General Election on 7th May. I have had the privilege of representing the people of the Newton Abbot constituency as their MP ...

yesterday at 17:22

As far as i am concerned the candidates are being interviewed for the job of MP now if A.M.M decides she isn't turning up for the interview then we are down to 3 it's that simple.

TEIGNMOUTH martial arts instructor Paul Drury has appeared in court charged with four counts of rape, including three rapes of girls under the age of 16. Three of the charges relate to rape of a girl aged under 16 and the fourth rape charge relates to a woman aged 16 or over. Read more... ...

Paul Drury, 56 who runs Paul Drury's Black Belt Academy in Dawlish, is accused of offences under the Protection of Children Act 1978. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "Paul Drury, 56, of Maudlin Drive, Teignmouth, has been charged with four counts of making indecent photographs of children. Read more... ...

If you want to vote on policies the Beeb have a fairly good section under 'BBC News' entitled 'Election 15'. It gives a fairly good precis of who wants to do what. Whether or not those 'policies' ever become 'practice' .... only time will tell!

yesterday at 19:29

Sounds like you and I are in agreement then Flo.  Politics should be about all the issues you mentioned and more.  I'm taking my own stand by leaving Twitter because it's full of gossip and snide attacks and very few facts.  Now if we can stop Jeremy Paxman obsessing about North London geeks we could be making progress .........

yesterday at 18:38

But who is the 'we' Michael? I can guarantee it's not Joe Public, it's the media and politicians not us. I don't hear my relative on zero hours laughing at Ed eating a bacon sandwich or gossiping about when Dave intends to step down. I don't hear my nursing cousin treating politics like a soap opera but I do hear the politicians treating me like an idiot. Very interesting programme the ...

yesterday at 17:54

@flo . i'm probably being idealistic but it seems to me that if we stop treating politics as soap opera there will be more focus on what the politicians are actually saying - to the disadvantage of those who need replacing How would Churchill or Attlee cope with the wretchedness of the current political environment?

yesterday at 17:00

I had a Labour party election leaflet delivered today.

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