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I have no clue who is on, was just mentioned at 11am, so dont assune things and don't watch if you have no interest. Why is everyone on here just so 'nasty' to everyone?

32 minutes ago

@Wondering . That means that the you know who will be appearing, again. and Wondering, its politics.

37 minutes ago

Watch 'The Polotics Show' BBC1 1130am this Sunday line is to be discussed.

Although palm oil is not toxic to humans, it can cause serious illness or even death to dogs which are tempted to eat it. Sightings of the sticky white substance have also been reported on the North Devon coast recently, and on beaches in Dawlish and the South Hams at South Sands, North Sands and Millbay beach in the Salcombe estuary earlier this year. Read more... ...

The council may compulsory purchase some of Richard Weeks' Warren Farm to create a public park on the cliffs between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren. More than 1,240 people have signed an online petition calling on the Government to 'stop Teignbridge Council forcing a farmer off his land'. Warren Farm has been part of a Natural England Countryside Stewardship scheme for the past 10 years and ...

The following may contain the seeds of an answer to Daverc's question http://www.devon.gov.uk/dawlishupdate.pdf http://www.devon.gov.uk/text/census_profile-div47-dawlish.pdf Very worrying information about homes without central heating, fuel poverty and children being raised in poverty Dawlish is a lovely place to live, but its sad to see how difficult life can be for ...

2 days ago

Thank you Flo. I was a bit surprised to read (under '11b. Future Challenges', under 'Healthy Lives') : 4. Highest concentrations of low income and excess cold in the private sector are found in the wards of Dawlish Central & North East, Dawlish South West and Kenton with Starcross. This means 'over the whole of the Teignbridge area'. Surprise anyone else ?   What's the reason ?

3 days ago

Teignbridge residents are being encouraged to offer their views on a draft document which maps out housing and health needs in the district over the next five years. People can influence and contribute to Teignbridge's emerging Housing and Health Strategy 2015-2020 by giving comments and feedback as part of a consultation period which runs from now until 5 January 2015. Giving people ...

Unless it has already been mentioned but if my memory serves me electricity and water coming over the track don't mix scarry ! Whilst on the subject of railway lines someone must have noticed on the last two nights of regional news the mention of the opening of the inland route around Tavistock. Trust our Prime Minister think not?

4 days ago

I am laughing because the more you two post the more you make a laughing stock of yourselves.   Now shall we get back to DAL or do you prefer to sit up all night keeping watch?

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