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You are so utterly predictable, Oursoul.

yesterday at 22:36

I'm not trying to fool anyone Burneside. And everyone's allowed to break their diet now and again, aren't they? x

yesterday at 21:56

I thought you were only posting on Wednesdays, OurSoul?  And by the way, you aren't fooling anybody, I don't believe for one moment that this is your first incarnation on this forum.

yesterday at 20:19

Your cynicism re S106 was clearly misplaced Lynne.

yesterday at 17:03

S106 agreement for this development can be found by: clicking on this link http://gis.teignbridge.gov.uk/TeignbridgePlanningOnline/Results.aspx?Type=Application&Refval=12/02281/MAJ then click on associated documents then click on S106 agreement Lots of info re developer S106 obligations including options on how the Sangs requirement can be provided

yesterday at 16:37

and from the same Planning Inspector's report (again my emphasis in bold) 12.64 I am satisfied that the terms of the S.106 Agreement entered into by the appellant and the Council [INQ 21] ensure that adequate provision of SANGS would be put in place prior to the occupation of the proposed dwellings [10.5 – 10.7], and the other relevant financial contributions would be paid at ...

yesterday at 08:51

@FB As I understand the situation, Redrow can build the houses but those houses cannot be occupied unless and until the appropriate amount of Sangs is in place as required for this first phase, and then more Sangs again as required for any futher phases of development. BTW - the last I heard (about two weeks ago), and from the horses mouth as it were, the Weeks family still have no wish to ...

yesterday at 08:07

@Lynne Surely this means that until Redrow come up with their own solution to the SANGS issue they cannot start work on site. Hope Redrow and TDC have been made aware of this. Secondly why is the section 106 money not being spent locally.

yesterday at 07:47

Found it. From the PI's report dated 24-6-13. (my emphasis in bold) "10.7 In addition, the s.106 Agreement makes provision for financial contributions toward the acquisition, maintenance and management of SANGS, to mitigate the impact that recreational use by future occupiers of the proposed dwellings might otherwise have on the SPA and SAC. The total of the contributions would ...

yesterday at 07:08

I've been out of the country so I may have missed the following info. Where's the Sangs that has to go with this development? (Outline approval for this development was given by the Planning Inspector back in 2013 after it had been refused by TDC planning committee. Part of the original S106 agreement was that the development should bring with it the appropriate amount of Sangs. I'll try and ...

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