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It's so simple farmers sell land because they are not making profits from farming and we are all to blame as we demand cheaper and cheaper food a good case in point is milk. Six pints of milk for £1.48 it should be £2.48 and then farmers just might think twise before selling the same applies to most food production the only farmers making money are those who run large high teck farms. You could ...

2 hours ago

So, 'call me Dave' was in Paris discussing climate change, reduction in the use of fossil fuels etc etc. Feel I am missing something here For if he is so concerned about climate change why hasn't he then ensured that in any new planning legislation that as well as prioritising house building, the legislation also ensures that grade 1 agricultural land is protected and that the ...

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
5 hours ago

PILGRIMS in Devon will be walking from Exeter to Dawlish on Saturday to reflect on those suffering from the effects of climate change. Read more... http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Devon-pilgrims-walk-Dawlish-protest-climate/story-28275311-detail/story.html

From 4 January 2016, Dawlish Community Hospital will provide an improved service for the treatment of minor injuries, becoming the area’s centre of excellence for urgent care. The service, based at the community hospital’s minor injury unit (MIU), will be available 8am to 8pm seven days per week, 365 days per year. Read more... ...

In my opinion it is the league who needs to be fined not the swimming clubs. It was their actions that caused the issue in the first place not the swimming clubs. It would seem the League is salivating over the chance of making £2500 in fines for their own incompetence, that's my feeling.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
5 days ago

Exmouth and Dawlish swimming clubs both risk being expelled from their league after refusing to pay a £500 fine for failing to attend a gala. Darren Farley, chairman of Dawlish Swimming Club, said the issue with the venue was due to the fact it meant young swimmers would not be able to attend the gala. Read more... ...

Ross Norman is described as 6 feet tall, skinny and with gingery coloured hair. He was wearing black hooded parka type coat, sandy coloured jeans and grey trainers. Read more... http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Police-voice-concern-missing-man-Dawlish/story-28232243-detail/story.html

17 To the israelites the glory of the Lord looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain. Is this a sign from God, not quite as good as milk coming out of a statue  though - Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
1½ weeks ago

Firefighters from Teignmouth were sent to Dawlish Methodist Church on Brunswick Place, Dawlish following a report of smoke coming out of from the organ pump. Read more... http://share.borde.rs/post?o=WebAdminTool&s=1352887136

A man was treated for smoke inhalation last night after a fire broke out in an Indian takeaway in Dawlish. Firefighters were called to Bombay Delight at 7.13pm following reports of a fire. Read on ...

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