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Pete B

On Thursday this week, there were four families playing on the top section of the lawn in the afternoon ( two football, one rugby and one cricket) when I walked past in the afternoon. Leave it be. Most towns would love a superb space like this. If the playpark goes ahead, is there a chance that it would become a rusting hulk within a couple of years, with poorly maintained equipment etc? ...

Thanks Diana - i’ll take a look

11 Apr 2018

Hi Diana, i’m aware it’s a delicate balance between the need for flood alleviation and the search for a solution that doesn’t look horrendous. I hope your assurances of very little visible difference at Cockwood prove correct. From seeing the works in progress this week, it looked a little on the severe/brutal side. Perhaps we can revisit this discussion once the works are complete, comparing and ...

10 Apr 2018

Currently visiting Dawlish and can honestly say that the Town could do with completing all the projects that are currently under way before ripping up a perfectly pleasant part of the Green for another I’ll-conceived scheme. Here’s a list of things to sort in this decaying town: - The mini golf area is currently a building site and will be for some time - There’s currently nowhere on the ...

The Fair
31 Aug 2017

Majorp has a good point. Dawlish is far too welcoming a place for such people. They can pitch a tent on the hill above Coryton for the night or sleep in one of the shelters up there unhindered, wake up to one of the finest views in England, wander down to do the 'three Ss' in the public toilets on the lawn, where needle dispensers are conveniently provided, then meet up in the Happy Hut for a day ...

Yes, I agree. That would be the place to invest in a new facility for young children. Dawlish deserves a top class play area for young kids, just not on the Lawn and not at the expense of an area that's already much-loved and well-used

17 Jun 2017

On a recent visit to Dawlish, it was great to see how well the well-maintained patch of grass at the top end of the lawn (between the bandstand and the bowling green) was being used. Three different groups of children of varying age groups were having fun playing ball games, a number of families were having a picnic and a group of creative arts types were decorating a large canvas. It was a ...

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