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today at 10:12

Philip Hammond 'labels Michael Gove a liar' during furious row over Brexit NHS promise Chancellor Philip Hammond has reportedly stunned colleagues by calling his Cabinet colleague Michael Gove a liar in a row over Brexit. Brexit department worst in Whitehall for responding to Freedom of Information requests The Department for Exiting the EU has the worst record for responding to ...

The best pantomime ever?
yesterday at 14:58

If all of the above is so good, perhaps LARRY can tell everyone why there are more people than ever going to food banks (and that is even when they are working) and why is there many many more, almost following suit? There were people that were better off when we were blacked out, they were called the suitcase brigade.

3 days ago

Diana Mond, you are so silly with your remarks and it is shown by all to see. You said," To answer your latest question, if I didn’t pay to park in a chargeable parking place, then I’d quite rightly expect to receive a parking ticket. Likewise if I were stupid enough to park on double yellow lines. " Now isn't that an admission that if you did break the law then you would quite ...

4 days ago

Diana Mond. At long last you have admitted that if you break the law you may be punished. so why is it different to those LA's who break the law?

4 days ago

Good for you. Your remarks have a selfish tone to them. Some peolpe can hardly afford a loaf of bread let alone pay more for something that the law does not allow. And here you are only deciding where you will go in the new year. There are many things that the government has placed a cap on. If you wish to go beyond that cap and pay more that is your choice and yours alone.

4 days ago

Typical response from Diana Mond. Ignoring the law is not an option however convenient it is to you and others. What would you expect if you did not buy a ticket to park one way or another? that is the latest question to you. If the law allowed this charge (which it doesn't) then fine. And it is not just London. In an excerpt that I gave you above, you will note DCC did it as well. You ...

4 days ago

You are trying to say that it doesn't matter how you pay, if you want to pay more than is relevant, that is ok. Well let me tell you, the law does not allow the LA to take any more than that which is covered under a TRO, even if you wish to give more voluntarily. You do alot of talking, how about you walking the walk and take Exeter city council to task for taking more than is legally ...

4 days ago

As usual Dian Mond is talking absolute rubbish

4 days ago

Just a little excerpt from a latest decision from none other than the chief adjudicator. Diana Mond is not so good at working out riddles, being spoon fed is the order of the day  it appears. And leatash has money to burn even if he thinks it is a good idea to get a reminder, which he should not have to pay for. "6. Of course it was not until Mrs S arrived at the machine with the right ...

4 days ago

Diana Mond 11 Dec 2017 21:37 Oh dear. As I thought, no-one who uses ‘Ringo’ etc is being overcharged. YOU wanna bet?

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