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Sophie Victoria88


1½ weeks ago

NATO is the reason British troops are in Poland. Nowt to do with the EU Are you suggesting that the UK pulls out of NATO as well.?

Pie in the sky. What an apt description of all the promises made by Leave campaigners!

2 weeks ago

Have you read this? see in particular  para 14 concerning a no deal ie hard Brexit Whilst a “ no deal” scenario would certainly be damaging to the automotive sector in many EU countries, especially Germany, the impact on the UK automotive sector would be far greater than that on each of the ...

and I wouldn't disagree with anything that you've said Majorp - just flagging up to someone whom I'm assuming is new to this site that this wandering off the original topic is not infrequent.

2 weeks ago

@DaveHutton apologies - threads can and do wander off the original subject and this one is proving no exception.

Could you elaborate on that assertion Leatash?,

@Barbarawils68 Thanks for map and link. Because link road looks (mostly) straight on map does it follow that it will be so in actuality? Although Carhaix Way is now bollarded half way along its route, had it been a through highway (as was originally planned), it was nontheless designed to deter traffic from using it as such. Might the link road be the same?

So they will be poorer and we will be poorer. That looks like lose/lose to me.

Thanks for the update re document. Totally agree with you about it being 'the' road that an awful lot of residents will use. And I am sure sat navs will take drivers along it as well. You wouldn't have a link for the plan that you refer to in your second sentence above, would you?

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