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From Monday 22 October 2018, there will be three-way traffic lights on Exeter Road (A379) at the Secmaton Lane and Week Lane junctions until 20 March 2019. Traffic lights will be operated manually during peak hours. Work will take place during the day (8am – 5pm). The works on Exeter Road form the first phase of the scheme with a second phase scheduled to start during the ...

Interesting column by Kyle Tagg in latest Dawlish Gazette  (see page 2) concerning the Sainsbury's roundabout/Secmaton Lane link road,  the A379 and the increase in the number of cars in the area (due to the increase in the number of houses).

Section 106 money received -  Teignbridge District Council has received some more S106 money in from Cavanna Homes for 13/00943 South Downs Road Dawlish. It is the 2nd 50% of £4,176.71 per dwelling towards the provision of recreation and play space facilities to serve the residents of the development comprising of the following elements: Children’s play facilities £966.00 per dwelling ...

Licence approved for a maximum of 6 events a year. Live music up to 10.00pm only. See article on page two of this week's Dawlish Gazette.

Post code lottery perhaps?

I read an article about this fund in the paper yesterday and thought I'd bring what it said to the attention of readers of this site in case they have children/grandchildren born between the dates shown above. Between the dates shown above, when the Child Trust Fund was in operation, every child received a voucher for £250 from the government to be put into the fund. Thing is, that from what ...

I have the internet (obviously). I do not bank online. Believe Barclays branch in T'mouth is closing wef this coming Friday (7th September)

If you made a Power of Attorney between 1.4.13 and 31.3.17 it is highly likely that you were charged too much and you are now able to get that overcharge refunded. See link below for more info (but lots more links if you just do a search with the words Power of Attorney fee refund.)

I didn't know about these health checks until I read about them in the paper a few days back. I have never been called in for one and have been aged 40+ for quite some years now. See below for links if you'd like to find out more. What is an NHS Health Check? - NHS › Health A-Z › NHS Health Check If ...

As you've so kindly raised the subject of housing supply .......... "It has been speculated that Brexit might lead to more people choosing to retire in the UK, rather than in EU countries (Spain has been a popular destination up until now). Devon is already one of the most popular destinations in the UK for retirees. Further flows from within the UK could represent a boost to the economy, ...

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