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Pete B

Thanks for posting that information @Lindapetherick . I have been trying to get that information out and about to others as well (see my post above dated 10th may). I'm a bit like Helen in that my Friday mornings are otherwise occupied. Can you ask why nothing whatsoever concerning this working group is on the town council website?  Thanks

6 days ago

Sorry Helen - I posted the information given to me by the town clerk and I can't edit the post as the edit facility is no longer available.

1 week ago

There is a letter in today's Gazette concerning where the playpark might (now) be located - by the tourist information office. (and I am so glad that people are writing letters to the Gazette about this working party for as I have already pointed out (and pointed out to some of those who sit on it!) there is no information whatsoever about this working party on the town council website.) ...

1 week ago

Have now been told that ex town councillors Mary Lowther and Linda Petherick are also members of the lawn working group.

1½ weeks ago

So there is Flo - thanks for the heads up. I see that contributors to the thread on EoD include not only ex but also present councillors. Pity they don't post on here as well then! I don't have an fb account. But should some kind soul have one who also reads this site perhaps they could put some info on that EoD thread as to when and ...

1½ weeks ago

I have just had some further email correspondence about this matter. The technical problems (see my post dated 27th April) still seem to be unresolved - thus nothing on the town council website. The working group has now met 5 times.

1½ weeks ago

See below information I have received from a member of the Lawn working group. I feel free to put it on here as I made a point that any information I received I would share with other members of the general public. "We haven’t had any members of the public attend/listen in to our meetings but I know the meetings are being recorded and notes made plus of course they are open and ...

I agree with Deedoodle's last sentence. Last Sunday I walked along the joint cycle/pedestrian path from Cockwood to D. Warren.  Not one cyclist who approached me from behind used a bell to alert me to their presence. I am not anti-cyclist. Far from it. But I have had close encounters when using joint paths.

1½ weeks ago

Reference: 18/00395/FUL Address: 37 High Street, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9HF Proposal: Demolition of Kingdom Hall and shed and construction of four houses and two flats Date: 01/05/2018

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