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A questionable butterfly


Mobeen Dabigman
2 days ago

"Diana Mond", you really are a nasty, vicious piece of twisted evil.  You don't qualify to be called a human being. And that also applies to the person who agreed with your comment.

2 days ago

Leave it out, sweetheart.  Public opinion has voted you off this forum more times than I've had hot dinners. You've gone through so many usernames I have truly lost count.

2 days ago

In PC Britain having an opinion is no longer allowed. In Iran women are rebelling against having to wear clothing like this, but yet in this country you get castigated for voicing a similar opinion.

Cllr Wrigley was spouting in the press the other day that without some form of regeneration "the Lawn will die".  I would like to how he can state that so unequivocally.  This consultation is sham, just as all consultations are.  I have no doubt that the decision to build the playpark has already been made.

3 days ago

Well if someone can or will only speak Urdu then they will have a tough time interacting with anybody outside their community.  It doesn't do much for social cohesion if a particular community refuses to speak the local language.

3 days ago

Because we are in the UK, and English is the national language?  By the way, not having the ability to speak English costs the taxpayer dearly, this article is a few years old, the figures are no doubt higher now. NHS spends £23m a year on translators The health service spent £23m last year on translators and interpreters, an increase of 17 per cent since 2007. Experts said ...

3 days ago

We're still discussing this country, but deflect away...

3 days ago

Good deflection, but we are discussing this country.

3 days ago

Communication in English would be a good start, something you rarely hear in some areas of the country.

4 days ago

No, we can't change minds with time and education, people like this do not want to integrate.  If they did they wouldn't be walking around completely hidden apart from a slit in their clothing.

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