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Organisers of Snooky Fest have said they are proud of the people of Dawlish after more than 2,000 streamed through the doors at Warren Farm on Saturday. The festival raised money for the locally-based charity the Snooky Trust, set up by Caz Steffens, 45, in memory of her brother Chris Snook, who died aged 27 in 2000 The charity's aim is to help 18-to-40 year olds in Dawlish and Devon ...

A vast new 65-acre countryside park in Dawlish will open in September. Work will soon be complete on the £250,000 project to create the new Dawlish Countryside Park which will be public open space with wild countryside and walks and will be home to native species including wildflower grassland, scrub and woodland, and native wildlife, such as cirl buntings. The event - “A Family Day Where ...

Ministers were under fire last night after suppressing a key report into HS2 overseen by the country's most senior civil servant. The review assessed whether the UK's biggest ever infrastructure project is on budget and provides value for money for taxpayers. Read more... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4701986/Government-refuses-publish-report-scrapping-HS2.html

17 Jul 2017

Two great concerts over weekend, Powderham and Snooky Fest both the best, let's have more. I am in my 70s.

I just avoided it up the Ashcombe road over the top to Exeter or i could have gone Mamhead straight turn right and through the lanes to Exminster but i prefer the thrill of the M5.

15 Jul 2017

and the traffic chaos then continued after Little Mix performance. http://www.devonlive.com/little-mix-traffic/story-30441781-detail/story.html

14 Jul 2017


Sarah Harris from south Devon had taken her pet skunk to a dog show in north Devon and was staying in a tent, when Dottie made a break for it. Now Sarah hopes her psychic friend, who has a track record of finding lost pets, will be able to home in on 16-month-old Dottie, missing in Bratton Fleming. Initial searches haven't been fruitful, so Sarah has turned to her clairvoyant friend ...

The duckling was saved by quick thinking wardens who fitted him with tape and cardboard shoes to help him waddle. The animal - known as Wonky - was born six weeks ago with clubbed feet and would trip over every time he tried to walk. Warden Don Phillips said: "We had two newborns in an incubator and one had clubbed feet. The poor thing kept falling over and couldn't walk. Read more... ...

On a train with 40 passengers eating scottish food and stuck in a station or siding of a night to sleep for 6 days in the U.K. for £10k that's a bargain! oh and only one pillow per bed.

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