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It might have surived the not so famous storm but I don't see how it is historic for sure?!

4 Oct 2017

What are they babbling on about. I walked past it last night and 75 percent of it was still intact with a mini digger sitting in it.

Victim Neil Warner was temporarily blinded and suffered serious eye injuries after being attacked as he walked a few hundred yards to a post office from the Costcutter shop he managed in Dawlish He was attacked by two men, one wearing a balaclava and the other with a scarf over his face, after they had lain in wait for him on his route, a trial at Exeter Crown Court was told. Read ...

An iconic and historic beach kiosk on Dawlish seafront has been demolished. The kiosk had managed to survive the famous storm of 2014 that destroyed the railway line and devastated the area, but had been redundant for a while and had not been used for over a year. Read more... http://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/historic-dawlish-beach-kiosk-demolished-570190

The 43-year-old died less than a year after his brother died of a drug overdose Cosmo Pearce, of Prospect Terrace in Newton Abbot died of a morphine overdose combined with pneumonia, on March 16. An inquest into his death was held in Torquay on Tuesday – less than three months after an inquest into the death of his brother, 38-year-old Damian Pearce, of Dawlish, who died of a drug overdose ...

It is not a promise. We would like this to happen but is not possible at the moment.  Oh yeh?

25 Sep 2017

Of course he would, he is a politician and he wants to be P.M at the next g.e.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
25 Sep 2017

But Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer branded the pledge as "just fantasy" In a surprising move, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told the BBC a Labour government would invest millions in improving the South West rail network. Read more.. http://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/corbyn-just-pledged-electrify-devon-524684

Even though only 680 residents responded, given what is being claimed from that figure (that 77% of Dawlish residents are in support of there being a playpark on the lawn) I think it is important that we have a breakdown of how those 680 residents answered the questions. For example, if I had participated in the questionnaire and had voted  Yes to question 1 and Yes to question 3 would my ...

Diana Mond
Diana Mond
23 Sep 2017

What information do you mean and how do you want it presented? As far as I can work out, the only meaningful way to present it would be to list every single response. And I’m personally not sure how that amount of detailed data would help anyone. However, I’m definitely coming round to the notion that the consultation should have included a “No I don’t want a playpark anywhere on the Lawn”. ...

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