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This sounds great, already looking forward to the first dog poo bag tree!

Dangerous rapist jailed for life after shocking attack Read more... http://www.devonlive.com/dangerous-rapist-jailed-for-life-after-shocking-attack/story-30487682-detail/story.html

Park Holidays UK, which owns 26 holiday parks in Southern and Western England, said the quick fire sales, which were first piloted in 2016, will enable the business to make big savings in administration costs. A three-night stay for six at Golden Sands holiday park in Dawlish, Devon, sold originally for £658.00 earlier this year, however it's now been discounted by 60% to £269.00. Read ...

Call me cynical if you wish, but I get the distinct smell of something else in this REGISTRATION of you and your dogs on to a Teignbridge council data base with stickers for your car and i.d. tags for yours dogs so soon after the survey on teignbridge dog issues. I've had the privelege of having canine companions for over 50 years and see no reason to be REGISTERED on a council database. In my ...

Scott Wilson is due to be sentenced later this week at Exeter Crown Court after the completion of a psychiatric assessment at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish. Wilson, aged 26, of Honeymead Road, Kingsteignton, has admitted two counts of rape, possession of a knife and personal possession of amphetamine and cannabis. All the offences took place in Honiton in March 2016. Read more.. ...

Teignbridge is set to celebrate the opening of the new Dawlish Countryside Park on 3 September with a free event where families and canine friends are welcome. The event, which will feature fun for dogs, trick displays, canine first aid demonstrations, and information for dog lovers, will signify the Teignbridge launch of a new, free membership scheme for dog owners and dog walkers, called ...

Last Thursday and we are hearing about it NOW! I am registered with the police neighbourhood alert e-mail thingy that is supposed to alert people to the dodgey things going on locally and this wasn't one of them that I received. Would it not have been worth advising local people of this incident on thursday/friday. Do they think that we are are to delicate to hear of what obnoxious, evil little ...

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
15 Aug 2017

Two young girls out walking their dog in Dawlish fled after being attacked by two teenage boys, according to local police. Officers have issued a warning after the incident which happened in Oak Hill Road last Thursday. Read more... http://www.devonlive.com/police-seek-two-boys-in-black-after-girls-flee-attack/story-30482267-detail/story.html

*****SCAM ALERT for Teignmouth and Dawlish commercial premises***** Two commercial premises have today been targeted in Teignmouth and Dawlish by the same offender. The male has entered and spoken with a lone staff member reporting that his grandmothers walking stick was left in the premises last week and that the store have been contacted and confirmed it the stick has been left in the back of ...

Lynne it made me smile when i saw that.

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