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We can make our own rules ...why not?..we used to.  Why should EU tell is what to do all the time. Maybe UK are just not capable of making decisions in 2018.

For nearly two weeks in 1970 Devon held its breath in fear of disaster on its doorstep, after horrified locals woke to see the hulking burnt out wreck of the Pacific Glory, containing thousands of barrels of crude oil, had been towed from the Solent and moored in Lyme Bay. Now an author and historian is retelling the story and says it is a 'forgotten scandal'. "I would like to speak to ...

Dover District Council and Kent County Council have both independently suggested that a plan for a 13-mile Brexit lorry park on the southbound M20 motorway could be needed for four years or more. https://news.sky.com/story/councils-preparing-for-social-unrest-amid-brexit-uncertainty-11455918

7 Sep 2018

I dont believe there will be a deal am i concerned at that prospect not at all i welcome it with open arms it may be a opportunity to toughen up our snowflake society.

Other projects in the running for the awards are Dawlish Countryside Park, Making Changes — Bath Preservation Trust, McArthurs Warehouse in Bristol, Regeneration of the former railway lands in Radstock, planning to ensure nationally significant projects realise tangible legacies (NSIPs) by Sedgemoor District Council, The Carriage Shed in Swindon and Waking the Watergate by Sedgemoor District ...

Seeing as you've mentioned it. Operation Yellowhammer: 'No-deal' Brexit plans leaked Sky News 17 hours ago Operation Yellowhammer: Leaked 'no-deal' Brexit details are quite revealing Sky News 10 hours ago Prepare for cuts under no-deal Brexit, Treasury tells Whitehall in ...

6 Sep 2018

Operation Yellowhammer.

4 Sep 2018

We import about 50% of our food and Brexit will mess up our food imports quite a chunk of which comes in from the EU. But we don't need Brexit to address the issue of food wastage . Brexit may well bring us a food shortage .  You have to have the food in the first instance in order to waste it. I wonder how Joe and Josephine public will react when they see the empty shelves in the ...

4 Sep 2018

Food waste in England - Parliament (publications) - Parliament UK https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201617/cmselect/cmenvfru/429/429.pdf

4 Sep 2018

You are the one who has on more than one occasion mentioned food shortages all i am saying is we waste huge amounts of food and if things did get tight we may learn not to waste as much.

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