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Is what happens (or not) on the lawn the concern/responsibility of the town council?

5 Aug 2017

Unless there is something we have not been told then I don't understand why the police are treating this as a race hate attack.  There could be any number of reasons behind this incident.

5 Aug 2017

@Brooklyn Bridge - agree, the d.d&d.c seem more active since the prohibition signs went up than they were before. i see these people! on a daily basis around the lawn, not just once in a blue moon. What's the town council doing about this a.s.b.o...............not a lot I expect.

The £1million plans for the four-storey surgery extension will provide more rooms, as well as training and meeting areas for staff. Currently there are 13,600 patients registered with the practice, but this is expected to rise by 20 per cent in the next 10 years as a result of the additional houses being built around Dawlish. Read more... ...

The Franchise is £10,000 and you will need £75,000 pounds working capital to be accepted then there is rent and the capital expence of fitting out, but it is in the right place one of the top performing franchises in the country.

4 Aug 2017

I'd say it was more a case of a Subway opening in Dawlish provided someone is prepared to take on a Subway franchise (as opposed to Subway itself definitely intending to open a branch in Dawlish). https://subwayfranchising.com/en-gb/franchise/opportunities-cornwall-devon-dorset-channel-islands

Health minister Jeremy Hunt has praised some pioneering work being done in South Devon to care for the community in the community. As well as fielding staff questions, the minister also had a demonstration of how different sectors of health and social care are working together in Teignmouth and Dawlish. Read more... ...

Fast food chains KFC, Subway and McDonald's have announced plans to open news restaurants in several Devon towns (so if you haven't got a branch near you then don't worry as one might be on its way). They have announced that they are looking to open Subway branches in Cullompton, Dawlish, Honiton, Kingsteignton, Sidmouth, Tavistock, Torpoint and Totnes. Read more... ...

Dawlish attended 561 co-responder calls in 2016/17 and has taken ownership of the first of a fleet of Ford Kugas which have been designed to meet the needs of the crews specifically to attend these types of calls. Dawlish Station Commander Dave Williams said: "We're a busy fire station particularly when it comes to co-responder calls. This vehicle will allow us to attend medical emergencies ...

Why doesn't the Dawlsh gazette report incidents like t his. They have put the price up, but less news everyweek.

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