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Diana Mondeo

What is it with the need for everyone to be swearing all over this site @webmaster - I really think the beach needs to be concentrated on and I'm sure somehow more could be made of the railway attraction it brings.

5 days ago

So, the question on topic was, what could the area be used for? How about an Ice Cream Kiosk, or we could even put the new play park there if people want it so much.

1½ weeks ago

It might have surived the not so famous storm but I don't see how it is historic for sure?!

Well whats to say it is not nonsense? Whats to say she's not right?

What is with the scaffolding? Makes no sense at all.

All great, but should we really be allowing another refreshment facility in the area, let's be fair, those offering teas, coffees and icereams are already struggling the competetion wars.

If you go down to the woods today you'd be in for a big surprise, or just go up the manor park and see the sheer amount of needles and those of anti social labels sitting in bushes smoking and sticking things in themselves. They might not sit all day at the remaining happy huts, but they are far from gone.

It's a shame that it can't be replaced with something, a lovely, well kept, maintained facility would be an asset there. Shame it will become flat concreate.

He won't loose his job by company default, he would only loose his job if is mental state is not secure. It's sad all round, those effected in anyone. Thoughts are with the gentlemans family and friends and likewise the train drivers and all those touched by these sad events.

Yes it's in the press, but I don't agree with the Press naming straight away. It's a bit like these celebrity items that are happening, it beggings with headlines "Woman tells how Joe Bloggs sexually assualted her..." "Joe Bloggs killed 6...." Then after the verdict of not guilty tells you how Joe Bloggs is a great man and never would. So best to stick to facts.

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