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What doesn't make sense? That's it dangerous there irrespective of the road markings? I can see that and have been overtaken by numerous cars who can't wait for the bus to pull out and are annoyed at me for not overtaking. It was never a problem before and I've never seen a bus unable to pull out. You can paint what you like on the road, it changes nothing.

3 weeks ago

Is this at the bus stop that was originally off road and they put it back on the road? That's been an accident waiting to happen.

This decision makes me feel uncomfortable.

Looks like they're getting ready to demolish https://www.facebook.com/920240351360514/photos/pcb.1607100066007869/1607100009341208/?type=3&theater

6 Sep 2017

Just had a walk round for the first time.  Lovely views and a nice quiet walk.  I can see the pathway getting bogged down in mud in the winter though.

You're right it was probably a school trip got out of hand.  Bring back hanging.

27 Jun 2017

It still has nothing to do with this thread Brooklyn.  The 19 year old was from Hereford. If you see such bad behaviour from school children, contact the school. I know for a fact, despite my 'naivety', that they take matters like this seriously as they regard the children represent the school when in their uniform. Proactivity is the best response.

26 Jun 2017

This is a thread about a stabbing in Dawlish.  So far the arrests are not kids.  I don't think I need to define any further thank you deedoodle.  I perfectly well respect people's opinion but I have one as well, thank you very much and my view is that kids get a bad rap and have done on this particular thread where no kids are actually involved.  What should I do, shut up?  I haven't sworn or ...

26 Jun 2017

With all due respect brooklyn you have no idea who or where I am.  Early twenties is not a kid.  I'm not going to get into an argument about it but kids do get a bad rap in Dawlish and other places. There's plenty of adults who are a complete nightmare and people who are to all intents and purposes are upstanding members of the community but do illegal things. Some form of perspective is needed.

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