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Why are they painting the Bandstand today? It needs knocking down and the millennium bandstand put in it's place.

@majorp ? why has nothing taken the place of the clothes shop in the brunswick? looks like a nice little shop there to me!

No he had that Honey Bee place.

Oh gosh, please no, please be refused.

I guess it's a prime example of end of tax year, so work being done, poorly, low cost and low brain usage too.

And run by someone whos had so many buisness and failed shops in Dawlish.

not sure i understood your response @majorp - i guess it will be smokers who can't wait to get out the car that will feel it?

22 Feb 2018

Oh I quite agree with that, the Police can't enfore half of our laws that we have in this country, let know a sunny little seaside down like Dawlish. I do quite agree!

22 Feb 2018

why is it stupid? you see people in dawlish walking around doing impressions of thomas the tank engine, seriousl tooting vapour and some of the disgusting flavours into the faces of anyone without care. now @leatash i do agree with you that one rule for one, not for other, and in this case i would say ban both vapour smoking and cigarette smoking at the wheel, especially when those thomas ...

@flo - not making anything up. i asked a question to you in my first response to you, and in my thereafter i meerly asked an open question to the matter. @leatash - quite agree, thats where i park if friends are using thier space, if not sandy lane it is.