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The plot thickens!

Back to the drawing board then Mrs C.

2 weeks ago

They can't get on the path because of the cars.

2 weeks ago

The moan shop should be open only for one hour a day , in order to promote further moaning,. Cars will be obliged to park on the pavement outside, preference will be given to owners of small, yappy uncontrollable dogs and a beggar/ junkie/ wino will be encouraged to be sat outside.

Lloyds Chemists.
3 weeks ago

I have

3 weeks ago

Lucky you leatash,  I've had 50 pounds compensation  for their rude behaviour, as for the delivery service,  it is iinflexible and sucks.

12 Nov 2017

It's to give us a rest from the rude staff.

Parking tickets
30 Oct 2017

Once everyone realises that whatever Diana Mind says is right and everyone else is wrong,  they will sleep a lot better at night. All hail to thee Mrs. C.

It would have been more interesting if The Mayor had been sitting with them, enjoying a spliff and a can of Special Brew.

Send the little horrors down to the beach with a bucket and spade. Job done.