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@'Ol Lady Biker you'll send lady HA then?

13 Sep 2018

@HuwMatthews2 . I'd consider going ex directory, if I were you. You could get a load of hairy arsed HA on your doorstep.

What's all this to do with the thread?

Get a big bag from Tesco for two and a half quid. Saves putting up with grockles, their screaming kids and dogs and they cook them as well.

the snooky fest
5 Sep 2018

Thank you webmaster

Looks like there is a candidate for one of the awards.

the snooky fest
5 Sep 2018

All in favour of Diana mond , owing to her conduct, being banned please say ".Aye".

4 Sep 2018

Oh dear, a bungalow,  can't you afford an upstairs?  Back to the naughty step for you. Oh and by the way it's Mr Presley to you.

May I suggest that the webmaster inaugurates an annual awards scheme with trophies? The following categories  and trophies are a suggestion Most prolific poster award.  Prize  , 12month supply of "get a life" vouchers and trophy Most offensive poster. Prize, "Golden Turd" trophy. Most pious poster. Prize, "Halo" trophy Most amusing/ irreverent poster. Prize " 12 month supply of ...

the snooky fest
3 Sep 2018

Back to the naughty step for you.