Barely make out the church in the middle of the pic.

The old saying  'if my aunt had testicles she would be my uncle'. I have edited the wording not to offend the pc brigade. If people did a lot of things differently it might be a better place to live, but sadly that does not seem to be the case.

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I appreciate the idea and reason behind switching off your engine when stationery, but if I did that with my old car it would break within a short space of time. So you are in a Q which keeps on stopping and starting e.g. towards Morrisons from Newton Abbot. Sometimes the Q is a mile long and you would have to switch your engine on/off approx 20-30 times depending how the traffic was behaving. ...

Could have made an effort to show some pics of the ACTUAL damage. Yes Morty, I do have some.

Lycra, middle to old age from my experience of these white van driver's on their day off.

@leatash - a 3 metre wave describes the height of the wave not is volume. As to the sea hitting the trains. Why not build a high rock wall (rock armour) some distance from the line, running parallel to it. This would stop the waves from hitting with any force, so allowing the poorly designed trains to navigate the Dawlish track during bad weather. A similar idea to the work that was ...

Based on the lack of activity by the councils in the last year we ought to be getting a reduction for this year and a rebate for last years pathetic efforts. Oh I forgot they need the extra to top up their salary increases and pensions....silly me. In a fair and just society run by councils and a democratically elected government in a far, far distant Galaxy you would see costs going down, ...

Nothing changes on this site, no wonder the site has done a nose dive, Everyone has a right to express their own opinion's on this site, but without the need for the typical backlash that so often wait for it.

Considering the pub round the back has closed down I would have thought they wouldn't have a problem getting it, but right on the sea front and busy main road... serving alcohol till late may be not a good idea for the peace and quiet.