Recorded being the operative word. Most probably a far cry from the actual crime.

Walking along The Strand, around 19:00hrs, last night and a woman was begging in the doorway of one of the shops. What was disconcerting was one of the veteran drunks was hiding behind a car, slightly back and opposite her. I did not notice him skulking there until we had walkied past him towards her. Once upon a time laws were enforced by constabularies and a policeman had a certain amount of ...

3 days ago

Are the town councillors aware, would they be bothered to do anything about it? Oh I forgot we have those powerful prohibition notices all over The Lawn to stop this type of behaviour. Even then if the police get involved they can just tell those involved to 'jog on' with no further action.

High tide!

And then...............nice to see the prohibition notices are working at 100%, not.

I wouldn't expect very fast speeds and the security of connection would certainly be a lot lower than a hard wired home connection. Just a bit of a gimmick rather than something that takes a bit of thought, effort and understanding.....typical project lame from those in my opinion.

And a very nice Norton

Sequentially taken shots.

The dog seemed okay and had a bowl with some water, but if the sun had come out the temp in the car would have climbed very quickly. All 4  windows were just over an inch wide all the way round and it was quite humid. DON'T LEAVE A DOG IN A LOCKED CAR DURING HOT WEATHER UNATTENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!