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Plans for a proposed airshow in Teignmouth and Dawlish this summer have been grounded. Time has run out to put on a show this summer, but councillors remain confident that the show will take place in 2019. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/proposed-teignmouth-dawlish-plans-grounded-1399805

The Dawlish rail line is the only viable route for a railway between Exeter and Plymouth and will be protected until at least the end of the 21 century, councillors have been told. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/dawlish-rail-line-only-economically-1399467

Residents in Dawlish have seen severe bouts of weather and an Easter break scupper plans to get rid of their mounting waste. Some on social media claim they haven't had their bins emptied since March 5. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/devon-still-waiting-bins-collected-1382189

A holidaymaker who was jailed for 18 months for sexually assaulting a girl in a seaside holiday park Jacuzzi today failed in a bid to clear his name. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/man-who-sexually-assaulted-girl-1369123

A total of six fire appliances were called because of the large amount of black smoke reported coming from a shed containing dangerous liquid gas cylinders. It happened at 3.40pm above Gatehouse Close in Dawlish. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/large-clouds-black-smoke-shed-1351404

Just been told by one of the workman that they were hoping to lay a layer of tarmac at the weekend but been told by health and safety their not aloud because of the weather On an up side there will be no traffic lights and both sides of the road will be open.

A £14m reconstruction project at Dawlish Warren was only completed in October last year. It aims to protect the vulnerable main railway line and thousands of homes, and was carried out over the summer by the EA. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/storms-ripped-tons-sand-dawlish-1348557

A video shows a man dicing with death on the sea wall at Dawlish as trains and huge waves crash over him during yesterday's extreme weather. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/man-puts-life-risk-huge-1341586

Cross-Country trains through Devon were disrupted again this afternoon as high seas battered the railway line at Dawlish. Winds were forecast to pick up during Wednesday afternoon with a band of rain coming with them. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/trains-through-devon-cancelled-dawlish-1339100

Resurfacing work on the A379 Exeter Road in Dawlish was due for completion on March 19. But Devon County Council have said that freezing temperatures and poor weather has caused the loss of nine working days. Now the weather has improved highways teams are making up for lost time and working every day to complete the scheme, but a spokesman for the council said that the delay in Dawlish has ...

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