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Green loss
yesterday at 20:20

Now whilst we might want to debate why we are presently so short of home grown doctors and nurses given as how it seems we are, the shortage needs to be addressed. Other than importing them can you think of any other way of alleviating the shortage? Personally if me and mine are in need of medical attention I don't give a damn about the nationality of the person(s) who provide the ...

yesterday at 18:29

So is it immigrants and their descendants from what is known as the New Commonwealth (ie from countries in Africa and Asia) that is the issue? For that is what Powell was talking about, wasn't it?

yesterday at 12:05

and yet another interesting read

yesterday at 11:23

Japan, which has a pretty restrictive immigration policy, is suffering badly from an ageing population. How would all the immigrants leaving affect the UK’s demography? From what we know, the effect would be to increase the problem of an ageing population. The migrant population is younger than the British population, so we would instantly become an older society with fewer young people in it. ...

Mid-day - 8pm at the Strand centre, The Strand, Dawlish. Review looks at proposed planning in the district until 2040 and how development will be provided during that period. Go along and have your say.

Green loss
yesterday at 11:06

For an informative read on post 1945 immigration to the UK have a look at this.

yesterday at 10:59

“relatively high levels of immigration are part of the price you pay for a successful economy.” “If we were to run up the draw bridge, the economy would suffer. It’s a simple choice – pure and poor, or diverse and rich.”

yesterday at 10:47

So what exactly are we talking about; 1.immigration in general? 2.Immigration from caucasian Christian EU countries? 3. Immigration from non-caucasian non Christian non EU countries?

yesterday at 09:42

@leatash - but given that we have a shortage of construction workers where would we find them in order to construct all the infrastructure? do we really have that large a number of skilled carpenters, turners, plasterers, brickies etc banged up in our prisons? @majorp - yes i do remember. what bit of his speech do you particularly have in mind?

2 days ago

What form of help from the government do you have in mind?