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aren't the current government making it more difficult for themselves than anyone else could.

You do wonder they ever decide anything.

That should be manageable.  Park and ride would probably work well for this.

good point @DEEDOODLE - must make sure we add a few signs to make people aware ...

I think this is great news, look forward to hearing more about it. Dawlish isn't just for old people

Sounds a fair enough objection.  I struggle to understand who the customers for this catering trailer would be

@Margaret Swift - i think people are having a discussion and giving their opinions.  i've heard it all now using oap as a derogatory term.  no wonder people don't like commenting on these discussion boards.

8 Nov 2017

Same goes for those who constantly denigrate Dawlish and call it names.  Not sure why they stay.

7 Nov 2017

The person who commented also gave a really bad review for Gay's Creamery but glowing reviews of Brixham. They obviously weren't keen on Dawlish.

Parking changes
2 Nov 2017

thanks @Lynne , i knew you'd find it!  i'm particularly interested in the oak park villas/elm grove road restriction which could impact where parents park, although i'm sure they'll just ignore the restrictions! I've always wondered why DCC don't use the car park at the back for coaches to relieve the pressure along that road. Can you still walk from the back of the school out to the car ...