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Pete B
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Dawlish News
09 Feb 2013 15:42

A bogus dentist who swindled pensioners out of thousands of pounds for home made dentures may escape having to repay any money because he is seriously ill.

Stephen Sickelmore had no formal qualifications but posed as a dentist and charged up to £1,400 for false teeth which were often ugly, ill fitting and painful to wear. He is serving a suspended sentence after admitting the fraud last year but is also facing proceedings to seize his assets under the proceeds of crime act.

having seen the squalid conditions this vile person is living in on spotlight, sadly his victims should not rely on his assets. amazing how these scum suddenly develop either ill mental or physical symptoms at times of justice......

15 Feb 2013 18:39

I suggest ^^^ you shut your mouth!!! It isnt a sudden illness my uncle is critically ill in hospital! So if you have something too say say it to a member of his families face!!!! If not shut up.

User 4549
User 4549
15 Feb 2013 18:53

for what he did to his so called patients re their pain and the fact he charged enormous amounts of money to a lot of people including pensioners he does not deserve any sympathy. His family should understand the feelings towards him.

15 Feb 2013 19:50

Yes i understand but hes pratically dying and people still slag him off! I understand it isnt right what he did! But like i said dont write it all over the internet! Trying too say hes making up his illness!!!! How dare they. Imagine if this was all your family youd feel the same!!!

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