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Berniece Wallace86
15 Mar 2017 14:02

I’ve posted before about the issues concerning the raising of the state pension age and 1950s born women

Last Wednesday there was a demo in London about all of this. The police estimation was that 5,000 attended and I know that those demonstrating came from all over the country.  

There is a report about it all on page 2 of the latest edition (15th March 2017) of the Dawlish Gazette.

Despite the large number of attendees and the very loud noise they were making, there was very little national media coverage.  Ironic really given that last Wednesday was also International Women’s Day.

But I did manage to find this

(look out for the WASPI Devon banner)

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16 Mar 2017 09:29

Here's the link to the thread I was posting on back in Feb 2011 about this very same issue.   

17 Mar 2017 07:02

Timeline of changes to women’s State Pension Age (SPA)

1995: The 1995 Pensions Act brought in a gradual rise to equalise women’s SPA with men’s at age 65 by 2020, beginning with women born after 6 April 1950. The DWP failed to notify women individually.

A 14 year gap and then.........

2009: The DWP began a programme of writing to women individually, by age group, to inform them of their new SPA. This was halted in the run-up to the 2011 Pensions Act.  Only women born before 5 April 1953 were notified in this mailing.

2011 (November): The 2011 Pensions Act accelerated the increase in SPA taking it to age 66 for both men and women by 2020.

2012: The DWP began to notify women born on or after 6 April 1953 of their latest SPA. For most women, by now in their late 50s, it was the first time they had heard that they would not retire at 60 as planned. Some women had only 12 months’ notice before they reached 60.

Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
18 Mar 2017 07:46

Thanks for the links Lynne and it was great to see the article in the gazette. If feels like things haven't moved on that much for women in a hundred years! 

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