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Berniece Wallace86

Sainsburys Dawlish Customer Service

25 Jun 2017 17:55

I find the Customer Service at Sainsbury is warm and friendly, yet the customer service at Waitrose Teinmouth can be offhand and rude depending on the person who serves you.  Also the trolleys at the Teinmouth Waitrose are on a lock meter (£1) while for example the trolleys at Waitrose in Exeter are free; maybe its a reflection on what the management wiew their local customers?  From the above it seems to me that the management at Sainsbury are sensitive and efficient to the customers needs while the management at Waitrose in Teignmouth need a little of a wake up call (espescially as Waitrose charge a more on certain items, at least come courtesy to their customers is not unreasonable?)  I just wonder if other people feel the same who have used both Sainsbury and Waitrose (locally) or have opposite views.

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Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
25 Jun 2017 21:53

@Romulus i agree with some of yourr comments. the vast majority of staff at waitrose are really helpful and courteous but recently i did a click and collect order and the woman who served me was incredibly patronising, suggesting i requested my ordered then did my shopping so she had time to collect it for me. it then took her less that two minutes to come back with my order! me being me i did say "gosh, that took a long time to find", she was not amused! but on the whole the staff at waitrose are friendly, helpful and courteous, she was the exception. 


What I do though find in both stores is the amount of food that is very close to the sell by date or, amazingly, past the sell by date! I have found this in both stores, you really have to check those dates carefully. 

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