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14 Nov 2017 15:17

A toddler in Dawlish suffered a shocking wound to his head - which his dad has blamed on an inconsiderate pavement parker.


He had been walking with his mum and five-year-old brother Jack before being left bloody with wide cut to his head. He was rushed to the accident centre at Dawlish Hospital nearby.

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14 Nov 2017 17:58

Symphathy for the little boy, another example of complaining after the event which is quite normal these days for most things. I have seen a car parked on the road (legite) where the pavement is very narrow. The car owner got something from the passengers seat, left the door open and went into a house close by without any consideration for those who use the pavement. No one could get past and when he returned to his car with a challenge, the fight started. So I have every sypathy for those who complain about blocking foot path's by whatever means.

15 Nov 2017 08:19

I remember a few years ago the Police issuing every car parked on the footpath in Longlands and Upper Longlands with FPN'S for obstruction it then came to light that the roads were unadopted so the FPN'S were not valid.  

15 Nov 2017 09:24

We are gone stupid in this world, and Dawlish is getting no better.


Roads are for vehicles, by that I mean motrised ones.

Paths are for pedestrians.

Cycle paths are for byicles.

Parking spaces are to park your cars in

Corners are for driving around into a road

Pavements are barriers between roads and pedistrians 


I'm sure some clever person can expland this list, but is it rocket science? To some I guess it is. 

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