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Re dogs allowed on dawlish beaches during the summer season?

29 Jul 2007 20:01

As far as we know dogs are allowed on all Dawlish beaches during the summer seasons if they are on a lead.

From Town Beach (The Viaduct) dogs are allowed off the lead to Red Rock apart from the last 500 meters. From Town Beach towards Shell Cove (right turn) dogs are not allowed.

At the end of the Warren, which faces Exmouth, there are no restrictions in place, but this is a few miles from what we generally consider to be the main tourist area.

30 Jul 2007 16:25

Dogs are allowed off their leads from the Dawlish viaduct to within 150 yards approaching red rock.
You will only see this sign if you are entering Dawlish from Dawlish warren

31 Jul 2007 12:07

your information seems to be wrong no dogs are allowed at dawlish warren except for a very small section from groyne 3 to 9 or kept on a very short lead in the dunes . I used to walk down to warren piont regulary but no more . The nature reserve is a bit of a white elephant it is only the mud flats behind that are of real importance . Dogs are a easy targets and with no real evidence dogs and thier owners are banned. Exsisting laws if invorced would control bird chasing etc but its easy to ban the the good to control the bad.Teignbridge is not dog friendly

03 Oct 2007 11:06

What a lovley day.
Just been to the beach with the dogs, now the restrictions are lifted for a few months the dogs are free to enjoy the beach again.

01 Nov 2007 12:18

Just came back from taken my dog to the beach, a beautiful day and a lovely walk spoilt only by the amount of dog mess [at lease 6 lots] on the sea wall between the rockstone and the first set of steps leading to the beach.
PLEASE you irresponsible dog owners clean up after your canine and stop giving all dog owners a bad name.

09 Jan 2008 15:51

Actually, you are not right.
Dogs are allowed on all town beaches during the autumn and winter only, 30 September - 1 May.
Then dogs are excluded totally from the Town beach (viaduct southwards, ie towards Teignmouth) and from Coryton Cove.
Dogs are allowed, under control, on the beach from viaduct northwards towards Dawlish Warren at all times of year, except the final 200 metres approaching Langstone Rock.
Others have been more specific about Dawlish Warren.

07 Apr 2008 12:48

Don't forget it's that time of year again!
As from 1st April no dogs on the beach at Dawlish Warren. Dog's are allowed on Dawlish beach from the viaduct towards the Warren within 150yards approaching red rock.

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