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'Opportunistic' burglars raid Dawlish flat while victims are at home Dawlish News News 75 1 Oct 2016
Public Meeting Dawlish Celebrates Carnival General 75 1 Oct 2016
Proposals to extend Teign Estuary Trail to Dawlish Dawlish News News 334 14 Oct 2016
South Devon put on Flood Alert Dawlish News News 66 2 Oct 2016
Details revealed and backing given to £2.9million Dawlish countryside park project Dawlish News News 45 1 Oct 2016
Membership Db7949 Vale Haldon 189 2 Oct 2016
Just Wondering Carer General 184 4 Oct 2016
Dawlish motorcyclist seriously hurt in crash Dawlish News News 112 1 Oct 2016
Fixing line at Dawlish on Government 'to-do' list, claim ministers Dawlish News News 67 1 Oct 2016
Police warn motorists about drink driving after two arrests made in South Devon in seven days Dawlish News News 97 2 Oct 2016
50ft Whale washed up at Red Rock ZIGGY General 207 2 Oct 2016
Scam Phone Call HMRC b.o.liking General 209 4 Oct 2016
Mentally ill hospital patient died after being hit by train at Dawlish Dawlish News News 181 3 Sep 2016
Dawlish woman tells of terror after plane forced to make emergency landing Dawlish News News 82 1 Sep 2016
Devon MP Mel Stride backs campaign for new Crediton passenger rail service Dawlish News News 40 1 Sep 2016
Watch Devon dad deliberately drop the wedding cake on his daughter's big day Dawlish News News 92 1 Sep 2016
Daredevil cyclists warned to stay off sea wall at Dawlish Dawlish News News 174 3 Sep 2016
Devon care home boasts pub, ice-cream parlour and shops Dawlish News News 62 1 Sep 2016
Printing UPWITHIT General 177 5 Sep 2016
No Brexit Until After US Election Paul General 159 9 Sep 2016
Snooky shuts it doors – but work goes on flo News 153 2 Sep 2016
Two jailed for 'kicking man like a football' in savage Teignmouth assault Dawlish News News 168 2 Sep 2016
Jeremy Corbyn - Wins Labour Leadership Vote Paul General 58 1 Sep 2016
Dawlish PSPO has had a positive effect in the town, say police Dawlish News News 245 4 Sep 2016
'Excellent' plans to turn Peppermint Club in Dawlish Warren into houses approved Dawlish News News 82 1 Sep 2016
A snapshot of beach huts at Exmouth DEEDOODLE General 91 1 Sep 2016
Dawlish cracks down on anti-social behaviour as Public Space Protection Order put in place Dawlish News News 351 5 Sep 2016
Police 'launched chopper to probe noise complaint - but took 3 weeks to respond to sex assault' Dawlish News News 136 1 Sep 2016
DA2 Langdon Land up for sale Barbarawils68 General 277 6 Sep 2016
Private party near Dawlish 'closed down' due to noise after complaints from residents Dawlish News News 182 2 Sep 2016
£837,000 Exe Estuary cycle route extension plans to Dawlish approved Dawlish News News 226 7 Sep 2016
Britain's largest steam train on track for South Devon Dawlish News News 82 1 Sep 2016
Lift-off for landing site at Dawlish Utd FC Dawlish News News 57 1 Sep 2016
Location of new £2.9million countryside near Dawlish revealed Dawlish News News 564 9 Sep 2016
Carhaix Way/Link road Magic Mushroom General 183 2 Sep 2016
Dawlish man who strangled wife and hid her body fails in bid to challenge his murder conviction Dawlish News News 93 1 Sep 2016
Plans to increase places available at Ratcliffe School in Dawlish Dawlish News News 50 1 Sep 2016
£200,000 investment work at Teignmouth Hospital allays fears of 'death by 1,000 cuts' closure Dawlish News News 64 1 Sep 2016
Traffic Order – Various Streets, Dawlish Dawlish News News 153 1 Sep 2016