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Good grief - cramming them in there!

1½ weeks ago

Reference: 18/00395/FUL Address: 37 High Street, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9HF Proposal: Demolition of Kingdom Hall and shed and construction of four houses and two flats Date: 01/05/2018

Oh hi there Donald, nice of you to grace our humble town website.

Not much meat on them!

Not quite the same view this house use to have. Link below on some of the houses for sale and prices... look a lot more 'detached' in the pics of the link.

North Korea summit: Trump greets freed American detainees More proof that Mr Trump is a great President.

There are many factors in all of this that show me what a waste of time all the councillors are. First your councillor claims to represent your interests, so why hasn't your councillor asked the question of the town clerk who normally organises the show, why it is not been made known generally to other members of the public. Members of the public should not have to ask what is going on within ...

2 weeks ago

Although there is nothing on the town council website about this working group I understand that the meetings are open to the public to observe should they so wish. 10.00am Fridays, The Manor House. I am putting that information on here as I am not aware that it appears anywhere else. A cynic might say that means that whilst the meeting, de jure, is an open one, that de facto it is being ...

A uniform with no powers folk will just laugh and tell them to do one i know i would.

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