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2 weeks ago

With Banks closing, Will we still have Bank Holiday Monday ?.

Very good question majorp. Perhaps one of the below (who are all members of the working group) might have an answer? Councillor Martin Wrigley – Chairman Councillor Noel Nickless – Vice Chairman Councillor Alison Foden Councillor Lin Goodman-Bradbury Councillor Val Mawhood Councillor Gary Taylor (the Mayor and Deputy Mayor have ex-officio status) ...

If you click on this link you will go to the minutes of the town council meeting held last week. You will see a report concerning the dog attacks.

Nice to know we have a transparent lawn working group. When will it come into view?

2 weeks ago

The chair of the town council lawn working group is recently retired mayor Cllr Martin Wrigley. This is an excerpt from his retiring as mayor speech given at the annual town council meeting held last week. Thinking about the events for the years brings us to the Lawn Working Group. This group has met a number of times and has started by looking at the way residents and visitors use the ...

I am looking for the lady who helped my elderly wheelchair bound father at Dawlish Sea Front on Thursday 3rd May at about 7.30pm....He thinks she was a doctor , lives in Dawlish (possibly near the Marine Tavern) and he thinks her name was was Sally...If any one knows this lady please let me know as I would like to thank her in person for all her kindness

burnside you are spot on Farage should be given a medal it was his doggedness that forced a referendum on our membership of the EU and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude.

Diana Mond
Diana Mond
2 weeks ago

Like I said, UKIP were already an irrelevance at a national level. And thankfully their vile policies have seen them also wiped out at a local level.

Now one more thought has come to me, as I sit with my fruitcake and nice cup of tea, that the Lawn is the place for a bit of a do where those of one  mind, should they feel so inclined, can blow bushels of rasperries straight at the EU.

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