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What happened to the money for the new bandstand?

Oh I know let TDC stop Cafe 1 from opening at 830 am. An enterprising youn coiple open a business, and offer something no other cafe does. Early opening. No wonder people are loathe to open new businesses. They can open 9am to 10pm. What's the problem?

13 Oct 2017

If you want to attract more visitors to Dawlish have some seating along the sea wall. It's appalling not to have any. And we can't compete with  Teignmouth it is a completely different town, with a long promenade, a pier the Pavilions, I could go on. Concentrate on what we have.

11 Sep 2017

I would like to point out. 348 patients didn't turn up for their appointments in August.

10 Sep 2017

You want to thank your lucky stars you have a surgery and hospital. Try living in America or New Zealand wher you have to pay for everything. God bless our NHS.

Every CEO gets too much look at Phillip Green  And people do hand down clothes, if you're lucky enough to know  anyone with children.  All CEOs are overpaid look at Phillip Green the point is the charity gets money. Life isn't fair I learnt that at an early age.

3 Sep 2017

That is a spurious argument Leatash, Without charity shops that single mother couldn't afford to buy clothes for her children.

2 Sep 2017

Leatash you are very mean spiritied. If it wasn't for charity shops the town woud die, shops can't make a living here. What about the church on the strand who serves cheap meals and coffees, that's taking away from businesses. If you want to pray you have to go in the porch, talk about money lenders in the temple.

16 Aug 2017

I know someone who contacted her. Her reply was the responsibility of the lawn and who is on it is TDC. I am sorry I cannot be of much more assistance. I have personally voiced my own opinion at a recent meeting. And my main priority is tourism and getting visitors into the town and I agreed with others that it's not a look we wish to encourage, we might know that they are there as a deterrant but ...

13 Aug 2017

Drunks swearing shouting being aggresive and vile by Mollie Macs yesterday afternoon. Oh how the tourists must be impressed by our lovely town. WHEN WILL SOMETHING BE DONE ABOUT THEM.  I was told that the town mnager doesn't want a police precence in the town as it gives tourists the wrong impression. Get a life love and start thinking about the residents. Most people long for a police presence,

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