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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86
Diana Mond

How judgemental total generalisation. Have you ever been toTotnes?

Sorry to see any business closing down.

29 Jun 2018

Huge fire in Coryton Close. Hope no one is injured.

Dogs on Lawn plus.
11 Jun 2018

What a knee jerk reaction. There are laws in place on the lawn regarding dogs on leads. Just enforce it. Lots of holiday makers have picnics on the lawn with their dogs on leads. Banning dogs would not have stopped the killing of the swan. Those people flout the laws openly, but no one enforces it. This would put me off as a tourist if I couldn't walk my dog sensibly on the Lawn.  There are few ...

The Stars & Stripes
22 Apr 2018

What do you mean by pansy? Trump is a moron.

Coryton cove
1 Mar 2018

Why is Coryton Cove covered in sanitary waste? It is disgusting..

Excellent news.

What happened to the money for the new bandstand?

Oh I know let TDC stop Cafe 1 from opening at 830 am. An enterprising youn coiple open a business, and offer something no other cafe does. Early opening. No wonder people are loathe to open new businesses. They can open 9am to 10pm. What's the problem?

13 Oct 2017

If you want to attract more visitors to Dawlish have some seating along the sea wall. It's appalling not to have any. And we can't compete with  Teignmouth it is a completely different town, with a long promenade, a pier the Pavilions, I could go on. Concentrate on what we have.

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