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I’m definitely the full 5 pence, since well before decimalisation.  You’re the one that has turned this thread around to be about me, because of your inability to address points being raised without resorting to insults. Ironically,when we were admitted to the EEC, we were known as ‘The Sick Man Of Europe” for lots of good reasons.

yesterday at 23:29

In what world do you think calling people “special needs” is acceptable? I realise that you do this to deflect from the points being raised, to which you have no answer, however this is a new low. Even for you Bernard.

yesterday at 22:48

yesterday at 22:41

Oh, I’ve just spotted that you’ve written “are you special needs”. Classy.

yesterday at 22:32

So, we have a Brexiteer saying that the sovereignty of the Uk parliament is not what his Brexit is all about. What could it be about then, I wonder? #foreigners You edited your original post as well.  You destroyer you...

yesterday at 22:04

Keyboard warriors have been arrested for less. But I see that you've edited your original post to add “the political careers of”. Nice deflection though Burneside...

yesterday at 21:35

I wouldn’t dare speak for anyone but myself. I’m not one of those extremists that wrongly rants about “the will of the people”. How can elected politicians who are standing up for the sovereignty of the UK parliament be branded “traitors”? That makes no sense. Neither does you wishing them be destroyed (#999). I would imagine though that many Irish people would call the DUP MPs ...

yesterday at 20:31

These Councillors should resign
yesterday at 20:29

Thanks Bob.

yesterday at 20:21

Where is it “well documented” please? Is the £469 the final instalment of the £2000? It’s just that the numbers and accusations don’t make sense without the full story. Thanks Bob.

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