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Diane Mondeo
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Julias Sachin
2 days ago

majorp we all understand what you are saying but when we use ringo we are made aware of the charge and right or wrong we dont care why because we cant be bothered to take photos measure lines surf the net to find fault with LA's i have better things to do in my retirement.  All folk have to do is follow the rules is it not easier to do as we are asked rather than spending time fighting the LA when ...

2 days ago


2 days ago

We are not ignoring the Law it's just we cant be bothered with trivia a double yellow is 12 inch to long it matters not if you dont park on it, a non transferable ticket it matters not if you dont transfer it ,and a surcharge on Debit Cards again if it's acceptable to the customer no problem. You can spend your life fighting injustice and you will make gains and embarrass local authoroties from ...

What great photos.

3 days ago

majorp We may be being overcharged but for different reasons we eccept the charge i prefer to pay ringo rather than put money in the meter for two reasons one they remind me my time is running out and two i can do it from the comfort of my home ie if i am parked outside my home late at night i can pay for parking without getting out of bed the next morning and all for 20p

3 days ago

I use ringo only because it reminds me that my time to move is fast aproaching and 20p is a charge i am happy to pay does it matter if it's right or wrong not one jot i am happy to pay it for peace of mind all i can say is well done RINGO for a great service.

3 days ago

They charge a fee of 20p and add it to the cost of parking so lets say 2 hrs is £2.40 ringo charge you £2.60 the extra covers the text you recieve telling you when your time is up and there fee for the transaction i personaly see no problem with it.

3 days ago

They charge a fee for the transaction 20p i believe, they used to make it clear during the booking that this fee was being charged i used to use it a lot but havent for about a year they were contracted to DCC so i presume they collected the payment for DCC and there fee is how they make money all fair and square i would say. I was certainly always aware that this fee was being charged and found ...

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4 days ago

ISS visible tonight at 1802 for 3 mins max height 81deg appears 22deg above West and dissappears 50 deg above East South East

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