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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86

According to the letter in the Gazette this week it was due to health reasons.

Out at sea
16 May 2017

@Margaret Swift better for wind farms to be at sea than all over our country side.

Signs posted in sandy lane recycling states that if you leave recycling outside of the container (because its full) then this will be treated as fly tipping and if caught you will be prosecuted. It states that you should take it to another recycling point and also phone the council to report that the container is full. Why not ask the council employee who collects the money from the parking ...

6 Mar 2017

Been taking them for 11 years ever since had stents put in, no problems except that I suffered from a lack of energy. Did a lot of research and found out that statins deplete the body of the enzyme q10. With age the body produces less anyway so I take co-enzyme q10 100mg capsules every morning and have not had any problems. I did clear it with my gp and he showed interest in the research and ...

Vodafone Network
25 Feb 2017

Thanks for that, I was thinking of switching to EE as the Vodafone signal in a lot of Dawlish is terrible and in my home I have to rely on a Vodafone sure signal piece of kit.. Seems that the area has expanded on housing but not in mobile infrastructure, that seems to be a common theme with all utilities in this area.

24 Feb 2017

@Carer yes there have been problems with the vodafone network in the area this morning, great that you got a sure signal kit out of them for free i had to pay £65 for mine. you do realise the con with sure signal that it is using your broadband for its network so when you use your phone at home that your actually using your broadband and that includes using it for data as well. of course when you ...

Wasn’t Exminster set at 35% affordable and did I not read recently that the developer “Bovis” had agreed with TDC that it would now be 10%. That’s Bovis of the famed Facebook site Bovis Homes Victims Group. A group made up of over 1000 people complaining about the shoddy houses that Bovis have built. Have a look at the following link ...

@Lynne your comments on stockton and gatehouse hill traffic using carhaix is exactly the reason that secmaton lane was closed off to vehicle traffic, and as an aside remember that it takes on average 10 lorry movements to build a house thats 10 in and 10 out. so for 484 houses at gatehouse thats a total of of 9680 lorry movements during the building either along elm grove road or carhaix way.  ...

21 Dec 2016

I wonder if the residents will complain so much when they realise that a lot of the building traffic for Gatehouse Farm will probably use it as a short cut to avoid the problems of turning into Elm Grove Road. Wonder how they will like heavy constuction traffic passing their doors. It was also unsurprising to hear that TDC Planning Department are passing the buck to Devon County Council.

15 Dec 2016

@UPWITHIT Are you able to post a link to the Covenant for the Manor please.

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