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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

@Scapegoat . well you've had an hour to respond to my 19:44 post and haven't bothered. You are obviously just another keyboard warrior who hides behind your pseudonym. You, and others on this forum, demonstrate a level of hatred of your fellow man, based on your political views, that I cannot concieve and cannot pretend to understand. It is you, and those like you, who are the bigots. ...

9 Jun 2017

@Scapegoat What did I say to deserve that???? I made a joke....,.admittedly not a very good one....,but come on!!!

9 Jun 2017

One thing we did learn from this election? Diane Abbott.........really good at Hide & Seek.

I wonder if Jeremy now regrets only talking to Republican terrorists on his 'Peace Campaign' in N.Ireland. Karma's a bitch isn't it JC.

Okay - This is getting ridiculous! I'll ask you just one more question - whatever you answer I will do. You have my word. Q: Do you want me to leave this forum? A: Yes or No

8 Jun 2017

You just can't leave it alone can you? I've no idea what I've done to get under your skin so badly. I'll continue to respond to posts as I always have.

7 Jun 2017

1. You are a troll and you're being childish. 2. I've asked the webmaster for help in proving I'm not SickOfIt - don't really know what else I can do on that one. 3. Grateful if you would leave my family out of it (otherwise I will have to report you) but I can assure you that SickOfIt is not my wife or any of my immediate family (who don't even visit this site). 4. My mother was ...

7 Jun 2017

QED..... Troll Child

7 Jun 2017

Once again.......I'm not angry. I don't care about you....or for that matter anyone else on here.....because I don't know who they are. All I do is respond to posts. See how that works? As individuals no one on here affects me. I am not SickofIt. You have a very conspiratorial mind.....maybe paranoia? But as I said.... I don't care about you. Perhaps @webmaster could ...

7 Jun 2017

Well done for reporting me. BTW I've never reported you! I don't hide behind any other name than that on my birth certificate. Can you say the same? Troll Child.

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