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Funny you should point this out, as I looked at this site this morning and couldn't belive how many were listed.  Usually only a few are for sale, so it makes a nice change to see such a selection.  I guess it is the start of the house selling season.  It would be good to see how fast or slow they sell as this would point to demand.

2 Feb 2015

It is nice to see a project which actually is not just focusing on the younger generation and have ensured local older people and disabled are able to gain housing at Christow also, so keeping it a rounded community.  It is a shame that Dawlish doesn't appear to be have the same vision of inclusiveness.  By the way I haven't had time, but does anyone know how many bungalows have been built in ...

30 Jan 2015

There is also the point people tend to holiday here whilst bringing their children up and then look to retire here from other parts of the the country when they are able to.  So it is not just providing for the population of Dawlish itself, but also the fact retirement housing that would have been available to locals is also being taken up by non-residents, which cannot be stopped. Many of my ...

30 Jan 2015

Dawlish by the looks of it to have over 2,000 new homes by the time Teignbridge roll out Plan Teignbridge, but how many will be bungalows for older residents who do not want to be forced into flats!  Come to think of it how many older persons flats are their since the Dawlish population is made up of many older residents?  It is fine building family homes, but if the older residents are not ...

I have always thought the safest route is to widen if possible the path along Exeter Road then send the cycle path down through Lanherne where there is already a walkway.  I haven't walked there for many years and remember some steps as you leave Lanherne the railway side, but this could be redesigned (dug out) and a path lowered and sloped to road level, which would be easier for disabled and ...

Don't forget Langdon Hospital already have a full size football pitch on the right as you enter the site, see  There is also space for stands etc and a second pitch could be created above the current one if the ground was levelled much like the set up at Sandy Lane without impacting on the DA2 housing allocation. I found the below as proof that ...

As far as I am aware all new builds have to pay the £350 whether it is 1 house or multiple houses.  I guess the 'deemed' is in relation to the SANGS.

With the Sandpipers and Peppermint Park care homes being withdrawn and housing put in their place, when will Dawlish/Dawlish Warren get a new Facility so that locals can actually stay local when need additional support! I see that Redrow Homes next to Sainsbury's have got their phasing plan on the Teignbridge website and it shows a 60 bed Extra Care Facility/residential, what is the betting ...

Lynne, Yes planning application 98/02269/COU Gatehouse Farm Buildings, Secmaton Lane, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0LW – Change of use and conversion of barns to 15 residential units. Ken the committee meetings logged shows Cllr V Jeffery’s connection with the application, as she followed council procedures and declared an interest, then left the room, so as not to influence either committee when ...

14/02780/MAJ Shell Cove House, 19 Old Teignmouth Road, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0NJ Demolition of block of ten flats and 3 houses and redevelopment to provide 15 dwellings and 16 flats with integrated landscaping, access, parking and associated services. See the new Design & Access statement logged on page 7 for their vision of the site. If you go on  on Teignbridge Planning applications and ...

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