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A holidaymaker who was jailed for 18 months for sexually assaulting a girl in a seaside holiday park Jacuzzi today failed in a bid to clear his name. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/man-who-sexually-assaulted-girl-1369123

A total of six fire appliances were called because of the large amount of black smoke reported coming from a shed containing dangerous liquid gas cylinders. It happened at 3.40pm above Gatehouse Close in Dawlish. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/large-clouds-black-smoke-shed-1351404

Quite right Shytalk. And the video that accompanies the article shows that there’s actually still loads more sand on there than their used to be pre-scheme. Looks like the new groynes have done a good job and stood up to the ferocious conditions.

In the event of joining a shortish queue, leaving an appreciable gap might indeed make sense.  In a long queue, it would surely double or treble (maybe more?) the LENGTH of the tailback - perhaps through the town, or in the 'Morrison's' location, back to Newton Abbot?  OK, I've exagerated!

As so often, it appears the journalist misunderstood the expert's statement.  The last line of that tells us the erosion will continue and reach PRE SCHEME levels by 2030, not REPLENISH by then.

Just been told by one of the workman that they were hoping to lay a layer of tarmac at the weekend but been told by health and safety their not aloud because of the weather On an up side there will be no traffic lights and both sides of the road will be open.

16 Mar 2018

The old saying  'if my aunt had testicles she would be my uncle'. I have edited the wording not to offend the pc brigade. If people did a lot of things differently it might be a better place to live, but sadly that does not seem to be the case.

16 Mar 2018

I find some drivers are too impatient. When there is a queue of traffic, drivers tend to get too close to the vehicle in front of them and can only therefore see the rear of the vehicle in front of them. If they were to hang back a little they could observe more of what is going on up ahead. If drivers were to pay attention, they would know that the traffic is slowing down or even stopping. As for ...

16 Mar 2018

I appreciate the idea and reason behind switching off your engine when stationery, but if I did that with my old car it would break within a short space of time. So you are in a Q which keeps on stopping and starting e.g. towards Morrisons from Newton Abbot. Sometimes the Q is a mile long and you would have to switch your engine on/off approx 20-30 times depending how the traffic was behaving. ...

Could have made an effort to show some pics of the ACTUAL damage. Yes Morty, I do have some.

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