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WHO postpned the opening, will the Dawlish Countryside Park be closed each time it rains. Buy some weather gear and go out,  up on the Farm I have to go out every day.

3 Sep 2017

opening ceremony for the new Dawlish Countryside Park which has been postponed until tomorrow (Monday). See more... http://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/rain-stop-autumn-devon-starts-417614

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
2 Sep 2017

RAMBLERS, dog walkers and lovers of the great outdoors are expected to welcome in Dawlish’s new countryside park this weekend. An extra 65 acres of wandering space will be opened up for them when the edge-of-town facility finally opens its gates on Sunday. Read Article Here

Proof of the pudding! time will tell. Gallons of water used in testing, scarey!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be stopping at Dawlish?

The life of former Newton Abbot Racecourse employee, Lauren Scott, was celebrated at the course on Tuesday with a memorial race day in her honour. Read more ...

A new generation of ‘Dawlish proof’ trains is set to be rolled out along the route with the promise they will be able to withstand the worst the south west can throw at them. Tthe new Class 802 Intercity Express Trains, which will run from London Paddington to Exeter, Plymouth and Penzance from next year, have been designed with a raised platform on which the resistors sit, allowing water to ...

Opening of Dawlish Countryside Park. The park is set to open on Sunday 3 September, 11am - 3pm, with an official ribbon cutting ceremony. A fun day including. dog agility show canine first aid demonstration mask making exploring the park through a series of walking routes - 2.3km to 5km walks panoramic views from Ridge Path visit the lookout mini-beast safari learn ...

22 Aug 2017

As you say jc, rumour. The Lawn, Sandy Land playing fields, and other bits of green land in Dawlish are designated as part of the Green infrastructure of Dawlish in the Local Plan. As long as they remain designated as such they cannot be built on. The new countryside park is also in the Local Plan (it was originally going to be on the the sea side of Warren Road -remember the fuss ...

21 Aug 2017

The rumour that I had heard about these country parks is that, since they constitute "green space", councils are saying that the town's green space is all out there in that country park and therefore we no longer have to provide it in the middle, where of course it happens to be much more attractive (= expensive) real estate which builders are only too happy to snap up.

Police were called to Dawlish Warren after a parent was seen to dangle their child over the perimeter wall of the railway line. Read more... http://www.devonlive.com/police-sent-to-dawlish-after-report-of-child-dangled-over-railway-wall/story-30489471-detail/story.html

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