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What is a disgrace is that the closing of the last bank in town will be a great stress on those people who depend on being able to bank face to face. Everyone does not have computer access or knowledge. Lots of people need to access CASH in an amount that the Co-op or other ATMs cannot deal with. Where is the council on this? Why didn't they do something to prevent this from happening? Why are ...

It has been bought by a family-owned hotel chain for about £1.3 million and they plan to spend well over another £1 million on a phased upgrade. Kerian Barnes, the operations director of Starboard Hotels, forecast the Cliffden on the Dawlish Road would be good for local businesses. Read more... ...

Purchasing health care for people living in Torbay and the surrounding area cost £13 million more than the budget set by NHS England last year. The South Devon and Torbay CCG represents 32 GP practices and buys health care for people living in an area stretching from Dawlish, southwards nearly to Kingsbridge, and inland to Dartmoor. Read more... ...

I saw drinking going on outside of Seabreeze the other night. Does this mean the licence WAS granted?

Teignmouth hospital could close as part of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity to create a new health centre in the town. Routine physio services and out-patient appointments would move to the new building, with more specialist needs being met in Dawlish or Newton Abbot Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/teignmouth-hospital-could-close-amid-1484190

North Devon has the rugged ones, East Devon the genteel, but if you want the perfect holiday beach with everything, South Devon is where you want to be. Atlantic breakers don't break on our rocks, but we can do you piers and crazy golf, fine dining and secluded coves, and officially the best sandcastle sand in the land. Outside Torbay the variety is even greater. From the peace and wildlife at ...

At Exeter Crown Court on Friday 6th April 2018, Chad Taylor, also known as Shipton, pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation firearm in a public place in Dawlish Town Centre 8th October 2016. Taylor was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment. Though this was a broken BB gun, it was of realistic appearance and its possession in a public place was enough to constitute a criminal offence. ...

@majorp ? why has nothing taken the place of the clothes shop in the brunswick? looks like a nice little shop there to me!

19 Apr 2018

Debenhams profits slump by a hefty 84%

18 Apr 2018

Taking a broader outlook on what might happen-I don,t know, But it doesn't look very good. I have been told that many cafe's are closing in Exeter, could the same soon be happening in places like Dawlish. What attracts people to Exeter now? Add the price of a parking ticket to your shopping and it becomes quite an expensive place to shop. Places like Primark are doing well but the likes of ...

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