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Mobeen Dabigman

I have a large field of 3 foot high dry grass behind my house. Which the farmer would normally have cut sometime ago, if the airshow had taken place this year, but it did not and he hasn't. I just know there's a good chance of some cretin flicking a fag end whilst walking there dog. If this happens a lot of people's back gardens and sheds are likely to go up as well. I will update this post ...

All i see from this is a function he attended, where the guest's had to pay £40 a pop for the privelege, and merely banged on about how bad eveything was. No mention of what he and his fellow West counrty m.p's are doing to sort it...just typical for your average and overpaid m.p. in my opinion. Interesting reading;- ...

I'll give the police 5 stars for trying to find these scumbags as I watched the police chopper whizzing backwards and forwards over the new shanty town next to the woods for a considerable amount of time. The description of these low lifes certainly points to going prepared considering dark clothes and faces covered, oh! and the knife...nearly forgot that one. The issue is not with the ...

In the last few years I have seen a few housing estates go up around Dawlish/Warren and, in my opinion, these housing estates are far from alleviating the housing shortage for those people in local communities who need social housing. If you look at the developer/estate agent sites peddling these overpriced and poorly built homes, again in my opinion, they match and in some cases exceed the price ...

@DC24601 - get a life snowflake.

24 May 2018

How many swans and other wildfowl have been injured / killed by dogs over the last 20 years on The Lawn/Brook? It seems every few years the black swan population gets destroyed by dogs, foxes and dare I say it - possibly the odd retarded human. IN MY OPINION, it seems that the dog's on leads signs are not working any better than the other 'DO NOT' signs spread all over Dawlish. ...

Prince Harry & Meghan
21 May 2018

Sigh! A web site that could be of great assistance to many, spoiled by a few...shame.

'Network Rail has confirmed it's hoping to extend the line'. Hoping being the operative word.

'i find it best to keep my nose out of other peoples business' !

3 May 2018

@leatash - I just feel sorry for you if you think an outright ban on dogs on our beaches would produce a positive effect to the success of Dawlish as a seaside town. With that attitude you would, more than likely, be welcomed as a dawlish town councillor. In my opinion.

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