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Diana Mond

@Diana Mond WHO said anything about 'these Chavs' (your words) are from Dawlish? No one. My remark is about the people that this town is now attracting through certain activities.

2 weeks ago

What a wonderful town this is becoming.

@ burnside You obviously missed the point. I was not referring to fresh air but the bus service as you stated that the only way to get there was by car. Stick to the point please and don't digress and avoid the question.

3 weeks ago

@ burnside Has the #2 bus stopped going past it then?

Good luck to them. I might give it a try very soon.

Prince Harry & Meghan
19 May 2018

@ DC 24601 Have I missed something? What the hell are you on about?

19 May 2018

@majorp You are a miserable piece of SH!T so why dont you F**K off of this site and leave us in peace? WHY cant you just be happy for a lovely couple who are so much in love? Thank god I will now get reported and get banned from this site so I wont have to look at the cr@p that you post.

19 May 2018

Wishing them both a long and happy marriage on this beautiful sunny day.

Another nail in the coffin for Dawlish? Still, with the Cycle Path and the new(?) playpark on the lawn, Dawlish will be packed with visitors coming from hundreds of miles around.

Ahhh. The good old summertime.

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