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GWR trains run fine during stormy weather, it's just the useless Cross Country rolling stock that can't cope with the waves.  Whoever made the decision to commission trains that aren't fit for purpose is to blame.

I think our Westminster politicians have just become lazy after having the EU increasingly make more of our laws over the last four decades.  Once we are out they will have to get used to working again.

@flo The day after the referendum you announced that you were deleting your account on this forum.  What happened? flo 24 Jun 2016 08:46 This site has turned into a nasty toxic little place with no monitoring from the @webmaster.  I do wonder if what some people on this board actually talk to people in real life in the same way or hide behind their profiles in order that ...

29 Aug 2018

You left out Brexshitters, that's always a firm favourite used by Remoaners.  And when all else fails they just resort to accusing Leavers of being a Russian bot.

28 Aug 2018

So you don't have a sensible answer then, Remoaners never do.

28 Aug 2018

So how many times have you now been banned Mrs C?  And yet here you are again.

28 Aug 2018

What would be the outcome of MPs voting to reject the terms of our exit, or even no deal at all.  Do they think we will just stay in the EU as if the referendum had never taken place?

28 Aug 2018

I thought it was impossible to get banned from this forum, Mrs C, if it was you wouldn't be able come back endlessly with yet another username each time.

28 Aug 2018

Remain MPs and their supporters are attempting to overturn one of the largest votes this country has seen in modern times, "traitors" is entirely appropriate, may be even a tad too polite.

28 Aug 2018

Here's a thought, let's implement the decision taken on 23rd June 2016 to leave the EU, then in maybe a decade we can revisit it to see if it has worked out or not. After all, we had to wait 40 years for another rethink after the 1975 referendum, in which time myriad treaties were brought into force without any of us having a say in whether we agreed with them. Two years on and Remainers ...

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