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Sooner were out of the controlling EU the better!

Agree with Calamari, nice pics and Kestrels indeed.

On Tuesday morning, police searched a private property on Pidgley Road, Dawlish under a warrant issued by Exeter Crown Court, where two men and a women were arrested following the operation. “Three people have been arrested following today’s operation; A 39-year-old man was been arrested this morning on suspicion of money laundering offences; A 22-year-old woman and a 39-year-old man have both ...

The European Parliament is tomorrow voting on a proposal that would affect virtually every website, including this one .  If the proposal passes it will be illegal to link to other websites without first obtaining permission, and possibly having to pay for the privilege of linking to the site. This transport blogger explains the situation: ...

Nice pics. Must have been a joy to watch. Kestrels?

11 Sep 2018

Sequentially taken shots.

I think it is something to do with local councils and their preparation (or not) for a hard Brexit and what a hard Brexit might bring. Which, amongst other shortages, could be food. But to bring this thread more directly back on track, here is a link concerning local councils and Brexit (although admittedly Devon County Council and Teignbridge District Council are not mentioned in it). ...

@leatash cheers for that, i'm sure the family will be happy to hear that. @Calamari that's alright, man, no worries. again, i'm just asking on behalf. just buying them makes more sense to me, personally, but there might be a difference idk

What's all this to do with the thread?

Section 106 money received -  Teignbridge District Council has received some more S106 money in from Cavanna Homes for 13/00943 South Downs Road Dawlish. It is the 2nd 50% of £4,176.71 per dwelling towards the provision of recreation and play space facilities to serve the residents of the development comprising of the following elements: Children’s play facilities £966.00 per dwelling ...