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Berniece Wallace86
Diana Mond

I do hope Censi’s come back, they were brilliant and really did increase footfall to the beach. The Tuesday Pizza evenings were also very popular.

16 Jan 2018

Well if they bring rationing back at least it would solve the obesity problem! Leatash’s post on 13 January at 12.30 reminded me of an incident during my first week at school. One day suet beef pudding was served, I told the dinner lady I didn’t like it and I didn’t want any but she said I had to have protein and put a huge chunk of it on my plate. As it was on my plate the dinner ladies ...

Rail Fares
6 Jan 2018

Sometimes you can save substantial amounts by splitting your journey but staying on the same train. I have saved over £40 on two occasions this year. It doesn’t always work though, I think it depends on where and how far you are travelling. If I am travelling up to Manchester or Derbyshire I know to split my ticket at Bristol, Cheltenham and Birmingham New Street.

It’s already happening. I visited The Drs at Barton Surgery on 20 November  with an eye infection, which I had suffered with for a week whilst working away from home. I was told to go to the chemist and buy a particular ointment. Incidentally, I am over 60 thus entitled to no charge prescriptions. I bought said ointment, which made not a jot of difference. Having been fobbed off by the Dr I went ...

Thanks Lynne, will have a listen tonight. Typical comment from Mrs C as she just needs a reaction! Quite sad really!!!!!!!!! Exclamation marks inappropriately used on this occasion, well, after the first one. Well said Flo, you are spot on. Welcome back Fred. Very good question and I do know someone who will have the answer. I’ll email them and get back to you.

7 Dec 2017

Thanks for the link Lynne, makes for interesting listening. Can you remember the timing for Councillor Fenne’s comments?

NatWest Teignmouth
7 Dec 2017

Over use? Look up how to use an exclamation mark, none have been used inappropriately. so it is only your view that they have been overused! " The other side of the coin, i noticed yesterday two of those in the happy hut on the latest iphone's more than i can afford. I wonder if they bank online" was the comment made by leatash. How judgemental and what a simplistic view of life.

7 Dec 2017

There is also a large number of people who do bank and don't have internet access, try telling that to leatash though, and for that matter Mrs C. I don't belive I have been hypocrtitical, care to explain? But once again, someone does not agree with YOUR point of view so you resort to your usual approach, in this case the uncalled for comment re exclamation marks. How was that relevant and helpful? ...

7 Dec 2017

Stop interferring, if you've nothing useful to add then don't bother, go get a life!!!!!!!!! (Excalmation marks just for you - and your comment could be construed as bullying so be careful!) Pot, kettle, black?

7 Dec 2017

But they still live on the margins of society. And, for the record, through my work, I know of very poor young families who do not have access to the internet so cannot do online banking even if they wanted to. Don't believe everything you read, how do you KNOW the statistics you are quoting are accurate? And yes, I do think you are probably simples!

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