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Diane Mondeo
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Julias Sachin

Yet more flats to be built in an already congested area. Let's hope they are forced to provide parking spaces for every dwelling created.

Mini Golf Mystery
24 Jan 2017

This could only happen in Dawlish!! Shops closing, buses cut, clapped out trains but................let's spend thousands on ripping up Dawlish so a few cyclists can pass through on their way to............?

Thanks, I will drive down there later today and have a look.

An accident waiting to happen......... .and a compensation claim! Some old biddy steps off the coach and a cyclist takes her out! Who pays the compensation for injury? DCC, TDC or DTC? They are all barking mad!!

I am absolutly sure Fred is right but can someone tell me where this is this happening? I will go and have a look tomorrow.

Pics today 23 01 2017
23 Jan 2017

Lovely pics, the first four pics will soon be covered in houses no doubt!

Mini Golf Mystery
23 Jan 2017

What is unsafe about the current mini golf course, that has been there for at least 55 years that I am aware of without being unsafe? I agree it is old hat and needs replacing but to this use the unsafe card?? Please!! Once again TDC are riding roughshod over Dawlish and NO ONE is standing up to them!!

21 Jan 2017

I am so shocked by these photographs, why are our councillors allowing the area to be ripped up like this? Was there any consultation? Who agreed to this madcap scheme? Next thing we know there will be a large slug built on the lawn area, remember that?

I could add the same comment as above! She fails to mention the thousands of women who will NOT get a state pension because of the changes to NI contributions. But, as all MPs get a gold plated pension for just being an MP, even for a short time, they are not bothered as it does not and never will affect them. The state pension will be a tiny bit of pin money on top of their gold plated MP ...

6 Jan 2017

Why am I anot surprised! Lib Dems.................!!

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