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Great photo's good to see everyone enjoying the snow.

Snow pics Midday 18 03 2018
yesterday at 22:47

What a great day, sledging at Ashcombe all afternoon lets hope it lasts for a few days.

yesterday at 13:23

Love the snow.

Was it £12 Million thrown at the beach and the first storm washes it away the sea will win eventually it always does.

We have another weekend of severe weather on it's way these roadworks could go on and on.

3 days ago

Diana Mond have you ever considered folk just agree to wind you up.


I had reason to go to Newcastle last week and did consider the train but at £191 return and a 13 hour journey each way with 4 changes i decided to drive i was there and back in 14 hours 22 mins.

3 days ago

I know nothing about trains the last time i was on a train or a bus was in the 60s.

4 days ago

A square meter of sea water weighs 1 ton now consider a 3 metre wave aproaching the coast at 30 miles per hour and picking up rock and shingle as it breaks a little more than a splash of water its a killing machine.