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Sophie Victoria88

Not a lot they will drive in to Powderham then drive home they will arrive before it starts bringing there food drink seats etc etc then stay all day and drive home, when did a concert at Powderham benifit Dawlish never.

10 Feb 2016

I have a HP Desktop 2510 printer to give away it has all the leads no install disk but thats available online it may need ink Printhead have them its been standing around for 6 months so they may have dried out message me if you want it can deliver but only Dawlish.

Well thanks Fred for starting my day with a smile but you could be close to the mark.

2 Feb 2016

I wonder what the next idea for regeneration will be when they find that thousands of cyclists haven't used the new cycle path.

1 Feb 2016

But Fred the extension to the cycle path is going to regenerate the town centre so the powers that be tell us.

From what i understand from tonights news it could be well into the 2020s before any decision is made after the study has taken place in my mind that means never.

It's only going to get worse with more and more disruption as the year's go on recent reports say we could have no train service for up to a third of the year as climate change takes hold so just get used to it people you aint seen nothing yet.

http://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/cumbriafoundation/cumbriafloodappeal2015 A SMALL DONATION WILL MAKE SOMEONES CHRISTMAS A LITTLE BETTER

6 Dec 2015

There are problems with flooding all over Dawlish Brunswick Place has had flooding 3 times in 11 months the problem surface  water and sewage are combined a heavy downpour and the system overflows.  Now most of Dawlish has a combined system and it cant cope with the cloud burst's we now seem to get on a regular basis and it must very difficult for SWW to keep up with weather variations.   If we ...

It's so simple farmers sell land because they are not making profits from farming and we are all to blame as we demand cheaper and cheaper food a good case in point is milk. Six pints of milk for £1.48 it should be £2.48 and then farmers just might think twise before selling the same applies to most food production the only farmers making money are those who run large high teck farms. You could ...

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