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Agree with Calamari, nice pics and Kestrels indeed.

And now, according to today's i newspaper, the same people are complaining that they have to look at the gorilla's backside.

I agree it looks unsightly atm, but this kind of pollarding is necessary to extend the tree's life.  It will grow again !

Well, we are continually being told that £xxx is earmarked to bring this everywhere, especially rural areas. What about parts of Dawlish that haven't got it yet ? e.g. where I live (the West Cliff area) ? How many other parts of Dawlish are still struggling with copper cable ?

Bad news indeed.

Well, a Cross-Country train came through fine yesterday just before 11. And the sea didn't look particularly rough.

Sorry  Lynne, your 'funny' was too subtle for me.  Forget I spoke.

12 Oct 2017

My late wife was an artist, and she eventually abandoned the Dawlish arts groups/societies etc for the Teignmouth Art Society because it was a much more thriving and active group.  There's also three or four galleries etc , overall a much more arts-friendly town than we are. However it's interesting to note that, when the Carlton revamp was proposed, there was a lot of opposition to it in the ...

Community Transport
12 Oct 2017

Thank you, majorp.  I can't see that it says anywhere just why this is suddenly such a matter of concern that it needs a fullscale CSC enquiry.  Does anyone know ?

Fascinating, the ideas some people seem to have about how to carry out a 'consultation'.  I've got it, Humphrey, let's go and ask some people who are already in the main streets of Dawlish whether a new 'play park' would encourage them to visit Dawlish !  Yes, Prime Minister !