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AA Welcome to my kitchen .....
RECIPE MISC - yorkshire puddings
CULINARY INFO - converting temperatures
CULINARY INFO - key to recipe abbreviations
RECIPE DESSERT - iced box cookies
RECIPE DESSERT - ooey gooey butter cake
RECIPE SOUP - hearty vegetable
RECIPE VEG - tukpa (vegetarian)
RECIPE VEG - buckwheat roast (vegetarian)
RECIPE DESSERT - ambrosia salad (very easy)

About cheftallyrand

Who is Chef Tallyrand? 

Trained at Plymouth CFE, followed by an apprenticeship in Germany. From there an international career followed, working in kitchens all over the world. From large hotels in the Carribean to boutique establishments in Berkshire, from the USA to New Zealand and all places inbetween. From restaurants and hotels to cruise ships and culinary schools.


A passion for the culinary arts that has included

  • 12 years of teaching & international consultancy
  • competitor and judge of cooking competitions (at international level)
  • demonstrator at cooking festivals worldwide
  • being a published author 
  • a respected historical expert on Chef August Escoffier
  • cooking for royalty, presidents of the USA and most of the major international digniteries of the last 30 years
  • cooking for rock stars and showbusiness people
  • and a plethora of tv and film work, in front of camera and consulting work 


''Chef Tallyrand'' is a pseudonym or pen name, first used back in far off days of the internet when real names weren't used at all, and its stuck ever since. 


Having finally returned to the UK late last year, he has made Dawlish his home base and looking forward to more culinary adventures



05 January 2012