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2 hours ago
Yes it does. http://www.dawlishnewspapers.co.uk/news.cfm?id=26311&headline=Tourism%20group%20hails%20Warren%20campaign%20%E2%80%98resounding%20success%E2%80%99 Such a pity then that TDC want to deter visitors from going to the Warren by way of TDC having a coastal park at Warren Farm. For that, ...
Hi Lynne, the councillors were Mary Lowther and myself as we are two of the councillors for that ward. At the meeting in December, one of the local residents attended on behalf of all residents and did an excellent job explaining exactly what the problems were and how they affected people's lives. ...

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POLICE are appealing for information after an ‘opportunistic’ theft of a van from a driveway in broad daylight. The black VW Caddy van was parked on a private [drive] on Exeter Road in Dawlish near the Marine Garage Texaco garage on Friday when it was taken. Investigating officer DC Chris ...
Teignbridge District Council's share of the Council Tax remains unchanged for the sixth year in a row after Full Council approved budget plans for the coming financial year. Prudent financial management, ongoing savings and additional income identified through a series of internal business ...
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