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“......the government continues to bury its head in the sand over affordability nationwide. Alongside a supply increase it is crucial to ensure a mix of tenures, including low cost rent. In many parts of the country, Starter Homes and mortgages will remain out of reach of those on low incomes and ...
Regarding the Hill Drive, Secmaton Lane application, it appears that the owners will not defer leaving the council no choice but to refuse.  Also a friend drove up Secmaton Lane today and said there were people with clip boads including someone that looked official, anyone know what that was about? ...

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From 4 January 2016, Dawlish Community Hospital will provide an improved service for the treatment of minor injuries, becoming the area’s centre of excellence for urgent care. The service, based at the community hospital’s minor injury unit (MIU), will be available 8am to 8pm seven days per week, ...
In my opinion it is the league who needs to be fined not the swimming clubs. It was their actions that caused the issue in the first place not the swimming clubs. It would seem the League is salivating over the chance of making £2500 in fines for their own incompetence, that's my feeling.
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