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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86

@webmaster - there you go. i'm sure i'll be reporting more trolling soon.

8 Jun 2017

@webmaster I'll leave this as a question for @HuwMatthews then; @HuwMatthews do you think it'd be better if we just ignore each other on this site and don't comment on either's posts. Because I do. Farewell.

8 Jun 2017

@webmaster haven't i just stated that? @HuwMatthews2 can comment on anything i post on this site or on anything anyone posts on this site. I'm not asking you to censor commentary. I'm just asking what is the point in his comments. To perpetuate a conflict? To troll? We are never going to agree or even agree to disagree. From my perspective it is better to simply ignore ...

8 Jun 2017

@webmaster i stand by that comment; "I think it'd be better if we just ignore each other on this site and don't comment on either's posts." I think it would benefit other contributor's too. Whether Huw Matthews does so is his choice, he can do as he pleases. The onus is on him. I'm just offering my opinion and from now on I will ignore his comments, I won't reply. It ...

8 Jun 2017

@webmaster for clarification; i don't really believe huw matthews was ever called huwmatthews2, number 2 or huw2. or that he was one of several brothers all called Huw Matthews or that his folks devised a numbering system to distinguish them. I don't even know for certain if Huw Matthews is a real name and nor do I care. I was simply using humour to address someone I've reported for ...

@TheObserver - he does he earns a living developing websites and apps  which is presumably where he honed his excellent people skills.

@HuwMatthews Why do you waste your time? 1. All you 'do is respond to posts'? what to cause trouble? -  you're the troll. You've even moaned about how the Labour candidate's name is in larger font than the other candidates names elsewhere on this site and you demand 'I think we should be told' . Maybe it's a Corbynite conspiracy?? Paranoid or what? ...

7 Jun 2017

@HuwMatthews2 aw c'mon don't you have a sense of humour? so you're going to write 'troll child' from now on then? makes a change from 'troll' but shows the limitations of your imagination. and why should anybody believe you? If you want to impersonate women that's your choice. Maybe @SickOfIt is your (platonic) woman friend (But not your wife) - i'm sure you'd have a lot in common. ...

7 Jun 2017

So your parents named you Huw Matthews 2 ? Seriously? Do you have an older brother called Huw Matthews 1? Any younger brothers? Huw Matthews 3. 4, 5... I think you do care about me really. I'm touched how you follow my threads and posts with such devotion.

No surprise at all, what's your point?

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