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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

There are many factors in all of this that show me what a waste of time all the councillors are. First your councillor claims to represent your interests, so why hasn't your councillor asked the question of the town clerk who normally organises the show, why it is not been made known generally to other members of the public. Members of the public should not have to ask what is going on within ...

Lycra louts about.
2 weeks ago

All this talk about what happens, figures produced etc,etc. Does not solve anything and I don't think it ever will. You will always get inconsiderate people whatever mode of transport they use, be it pedal power, foot or motorized power.

2 weeks ago

Traffic is of all kinds. Why does DEEDOODLE think that car drivers have anymore right to a road space than any other kind of traffic?

Now that the band have been exposed, when will they start to play the music I wonder?

2 weeks ago

Nice to know we have a transparent lawn working group. When will it come into view?

Exeter elections
2 weeks ago

That's the point. When we finally get our independence, it will be job done. Well done NF.

2 weeks ago

UKIP got the result they wanted - job done!!!!! or nearly done. So they do not need to do anything else.

Cat attack
2 weeks ago


Exeter elections
2 weeks ago

Looking at the results and listening to the so called top brass of each party, itis no wonder people fail to vote. There were less than 50% in each place that stood to gain a vote. Speaks volumns!!!

There is no control over cats, except if they are a house cat where they never venture outside of the four walls they are in.

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