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skate park
13 Mar 2008

Seems we can do nothing right

10 Mar 2008

I am not rude or a vandal when I skateboard on the lawn I do no harm I have been hit by a walking stick sworn at and been threatened with the police,. I am doing very well in school and am going to uni. My mum uses this site until now I never have. Myself and friends cannot wait to get out of this town it has nothing to offer us only critism I am 16 hope to do well in life like most of my friends. ...

thank you we (Resdient) the cloest we go to there is marine prader and we get abuse shouted at us there so we don't dare and try go further. so know we have 2 go into schools 2 skate WHY !!!

13 Apr 2007

The dawlish papers are wrong!! what are they on about that is all lies. The skateboarders never done that this is all a lie. there is a small number of skateboarders in dawlsh and if anything is damged stolen or vadlised the skateboarders are blamed first but why? there also other youths in dawlish, ever fought it could of been them. we cant even walk down the road now with out getting evil ...

Millenium Bandstand
10 Mar 2007

And who are you calling smackheads, the skaters in dawlish arn't smackheads, just because we hang out at the bandstand and skateboard doesn't mean we should get accused of doing drugs. Well the money should of gone to a skatepark but that obviously wasn't the case either.

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