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A questionable butterfly


Diane Mondeo
Devon leisure
Julias Sachin
yesterday at 17:19

And there was I thinking it was Santa doing a dummy run before the big day......

The best pantomime ever?
yesterday at 17:15

Would "heaven help us" be an acceptable wording for you Majorp?

yesterday at 14:00

Nominations now open for the role of Pinocchio. Candidates must be good at telling lies.

yesterday at 13:21

Er...excuse me. UKIPPERS/Leavers and fellow travellers whinged for quite some years about our being in the EU. What short memories some people appear to have. What's good for the (mother) goose is good for the gander.

yesterday at 12:36

And how long before this first stage agreement turns out to be a bit er.............. Wishee Washee?

yesterday at 10:10

Do they sell fudge at funfairs?

2 days ago

As I said above, Govey's pantomime role is as King Rat.

2 days ago

Jean-Claude Juncker is the Big Bad Wolf

2 days ago

So makes you wonder just how much more the rhubarb and custard brigade have made/are making from the EU and which none of us know about (except them of course).

2 days ago

They'll have no need to criticise the EU. The anti EU lords will do that. And on the matter of Baron Hardup  ............ It seems he and his cronies readily bought into that goose and its golden egg.

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