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Mobeen Dabigman
The Future of the Lawn - Part 3
yesterday at 08:20

Here are some notes I made when I attended one of the public consultations about the future of the lawn: Cllr Wrigley made a point of saying that what is out for public consultation are suggestions only. What is being proposed is not a done deal. The cycle path will happen though and it will go across the lawn. The question is where? and how? across the lawn.  The cyclepath is ...

yesterday at 06:45

I have asked both on this forum and in the local press for reasons why there should be a playpark on the lawn. I asked this because whilst I am genuinely open to persuasion I have yet to hear an argument that will convince me.  There was no response on this forum and no response in the letters page of the Gazette to my question. At the moment the only arguments that I have heard for a playpark ...

2 days ago

Found this from 2016

2 days ago

Why shouldn't speakers of language A speak it amongst themselves? I am sure all those native English speakers who are immigrants to other non English speaking countries speak in English amongst themselves. The issue surely is whether or not immigrants to this country should be able to/be encouraged to be able to, speak the language of the country in which they now live as well as their native ...

2 days ago

I wouldn't disagree for one moment that if you go to live in another country that learning its language is important. So I think it important that courses should be available for those who have moved to this country whose first language isn't English. Migrants told to learn English upon entering UK face three-year wait ... › News › ...

2 days ago

Another saying: what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Next public consultation is this coming Saturday (18th August) at St. Mary's Hall, Dawlish Warren 7pm - 9.30pm

2 days ago

I wonder how much Spanish all those English immigrants to Spain speak?

Someone on EoD has posted that if Gary is in the parade on Friday that he'd better not go looking in any windows!

There was a suggestion in 2016/17 that a large playpark should be sited between the bandstand and the bowling green.  Whilst some welcomed this suggestion it proved contentious, and anyway what had been proposed to the public in the 2016 consultation(a large playpark taking up most of that space) had subsequently been reduced in size as what had been proposed, due to cost, was not viable. So what ...

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