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A questionable butterfly


7 hours ago

And then it might be too late.......

and her ex-partner it seems was attracted to the broadcast cameras at yesterday's CBI conference.

Might food producers in the Dawlish area and food producers in the Carhaix area of Britanny do something similar to this? The Cornwall Christmas gift that sticks two fingers up at Brexit ... › What's On › Food & Drink › Brexit 5 days ago - Their hamper of Cornish and Breton food - Boxes without Borders - is not only a celebration of ...

2 days ago

Which is why, amongst other reasons, No Deal is a lose/lose situation.

2 days ago

Short video here explaining Theresa May's proposed Brexit deal lasts about 11 minutes. Ignore the ads that pop up every now and then. Can you give me a link concerning what you say concerning medicines please.  Thanks.  And even if you are correct, and I am not saying that you are not - then just because we export more medicine than we ...

Documents related to this Application are available here. You can comment on this application using this form. Reference: 18/01801/FUL Address: 13 Weech Road, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9BW Parish: Dawlish Ward: Dawlish South West Proposal: Part demolition of the existing building and conversion into three dwellings and the erection of six new ...

2 days ago

@ Leatash and I've got a big box full of food stuffs and over the counter medicines ready and waiting.......

3 days ago

I thought I heard someone say it will all be over by Christmas. Thing is though, they didn't say which one.......

And if they are of benefit to us I don't see the problem. The problem might be that if we are out of the EU they could be rescinded or amended.

3 days ago

The negotiations are being led on the EU's part by Michel Barnier and his team. As well as the Uk government having to agree to whatever is being proposed as I understand the situation so too do all the governments of the remaining EU countries. We could end up with No Deal by default and neither the Uk or the EU wants that. But.......

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