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Sophie Victoria88

see page XI of this week's Dawlish Post. Opportunity to operate a mobile catering concession selling refreshments and beach goods at this busy seaside location. Lease agreement of up to 3 years. For more information contact: Teignbridge District Council. 01626 215481 or email:

It did for me. @Barbarawils68 - I've put the link on as above so that others can access it easier.

Results: Teignbridge Distict Council Elected: Martin Wrigley (Lib Dem) votes = 1287 Unelected Angela Fenne (Conservative) votes = 535 Dawlish Town Council Elected: Lin Goodman-Bradbury (Lib Dem) votes = 529 Unelected: Tanzey King (Lab) votes = 201 Unelected: Mike Stubbs (Con) votes = 411

5 days ago

Been told that the Lib Dems have won both the District Council seat and the town council seat.

6 days ago

Voting Day! Polling stations open until 10.00pm

See this week's Dawlish Gazette page 3 - "New Lawn group set up"

Polling day tomorrow - Thursday 15th Feb.

To be serious for a moment. Think on this. If. for the sake of arguement, part of the present CW did have a name change then I wonder how that might impact on the ability of those living there to get things like credit cards/open bank accounts/get passports etc. I haven't needed to open anything like that for ages but I seem to vaguely recall that you get asked how long you have been ...

1½ weeks ago

Very witty DM, very witty. and on that theme perhaps another name might be Rue Street

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